We are asking for your understanding and support

November 28 2000

To the Round of Protests in Support of the EZLN for Their Five Conditions

The political prisoners belonging to The Voice of Cerro Hueco in the State of Chiapas and in Tacotalpa, Tabasco wish to make known our feelings as social fighters, our HUNGER STRIKE resistance proclaimed for this November 28. We are asking for your understanding and support. We are asking you to be in solidarity through the taking of the Mexican Embassies in your respective countries, in protest against the indigenous repression in Chiapas, who are fighting in order to survive despotic, corrupt and repressive governments, as are those of Roberto Albores Guille'n and Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon. They are devoted solely to benefiting themselves from the peoples' interests and to putting in jail those who are fighting for them [the peoples' interests]. Chiapas is still living, and we are sending our most affectionate greetings to all the social fighters of the world, that they shall not cease in their desire to free their peoples from oppression, marginalization and corruption.

For a Liberty With Justice and Dignity
The Voice of Cerro Hueco


Armando Jime'nez Pe'rez
Ricardo Garci'a Herna'ndez
Francisco Di'az Di'az
Gustavo Estrada Go'mez

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org> _________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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