Comitan political prisoners on hunger strike ask for support

Denuncia from the Comita'n Prisoners who belong to The Voice of Cerro Hueco, who began a Hunger Strike on July 3.

To national and international civil society
To independent social organizations
To the international human rights commission
To the community human rights' defenders
To the local, state and national FZLN To the Zapatista Coordinadoras
To the governments of the world
To the local, state, national and international press.

Today, Friday, July 7, we have been in peaceful resistance for five days, on an Indefinite Hunger Strike. The authorities, as ever, have turned a deaf ear to us, but it does not matter, even though we are now in bad health. Many of us have diarrhea and headaches, stomach aches, muscle pain, nervous system problems, vomiting and physical exhaustion.

Brothers and sisters, the CNDH [National Human Rights Commission] is no longer trustworthy, they are covered in the same cloth as the government. We have been threatened with transfers and a blockade against things and honey, water and sweets, in order to sustain our movement. The authorities of this center are trying to cover up something, which is why they are not letting the press and media in. We believe that, as human beings, it is an international right, which the Director, Carlos Co'rdova Solis, is trying to take away from us. We object to his position.

We, the inmates in resistance, are expecting to be transferred. The mayor, Jose' Luis Di'az Velasco, and Leticia Ruiz Pe'rez of the judicial arena, have also threatened us.

We, the four EZLN support bases, and the 19 companeros who have joined us in order to win our release, say: Not one step backwards, whatever may happen.

Brothers and Sisters, we are asking for your support. Many of us should be given an absolute release, with dignity and unconditionally. We wish to be clear, at no point will we be willing to sign anything! Nor even less, to negotiate. The same is true of our fellow zapatistas in the Cereso No. 10, Comita'n, Cerro Hueco, Tuxtla; San Cristo'bal, Yajalo'n, Tapachula and Tacotalpa, Tabasco. We are also demanding unconditional and immediate and dignified liberty for all Mexican men and women.

In addition, we have been detained in an arbitrary, unjust manner, and our constitutional rights have been violated. For that we are holding the bad governments of Chiapas and Mexico responsible.

For liberty with justice and dignity.

We have added our names and signatures below.

1. Timoteo Calvo Espinoza
2. Eduardo Lo'pez Herdez
3. Edymundo Fonseca Arguello
4. Catalino Lo'pez Va'zquez
5. Margarito Vela'zquez Herdez
6. Jorge A. Morales Herdez
7. Rosendo Alvarez Lo'pez
8. Oscar Avarca Aguilar
9. Elezar Go'mez Herdez
10. Alfredo Aguilar Nu~ez
11. Carmelo Gonza'lez Pe'rez
12. Carlos Jose' Molina Molina
13. Francisco Rodriguez Garcia
14. Verroy Cambrano Osorio 1
5. Oteide Domi'nguez Lara
16. Manuel Herna'ndez Santi's
17. Domingo Lo'pez Cruz
18. Jose' Raymundo Jua'rez
19. Eugenio Va'zquez Herdez
20. Roberto Herna'ndez Aguilar
21. Judinerth Solis Alvarado
22. Angel Herna'ndez Santi's
23. Roberto Santi's Gordillo.

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