When one companero goes free, they put five more in

Cereso No. 1
Cerro Hueco Tuxtla Gutie'rrez, Chiapas.

To the media
To local, national and international civil society

We, the political prisoners of The Voice of Cerro Hueco, indigenous and non-indigenous, declare the following:

The long process which the state Supreme Court has been carrying out, through a purported working project for the special review of our - the political prisoners - cases, in order to demonstrate the government's "goodwill", is merely one more of this bad government's ploys to maintain the state of repression in Chiapas.

Through this project, they are trying to justify the purported special work by the Court in our cases, since they have been talking about the release of 39 prisoners since last year, among whom are our companeros from Taniperla and Tierra y Libertad. It was confirmed that, in their cases, their release was the result of a long legal and political process in which their innocence was clearly demonstrated, and was not a means for solving the conflict, as state and federal officials falsely announced. We are saying that what is indeed true is that, when one companero goes free, they put five more in. In addition, the Court ignores them, and therefore their list becomes shorter, while, in reality, there are more of us entering the prisons.

In this entire context, the Supreme Court is only using some of the files during the investigation in order to hinder the work by our defense attorneys, one of them being Miguel A'ngel de los Santos Cruz. The releases, therefore, have more to do with the government's interests than with the full rendering of justice. The cases of those companeros sentenced by the Common and Federal Courts are being ignored in this purported working project, as are those having to do with pre-release. In this way, we are continuing to demonstrate that in Chiapas, as in the rest of the country, our struggle for Democracy, Liberty and Justice continues firm. Any document presented by the Court is not recognized, because it has not been agreed to, with the evidence being that we continue to be imprisoned in different jails in the State, and the list is growing longer.

For Liberty with Justice and Dignity

Internal Representatives of The Voice of Cerro Hueco

Juan Luna Va'zquez
Francisco Di'az Di'az
Ricardo Garci'a Herna'ndez
Arturo Pe'rez Vela'zquez
Armando Jime'nez Pe'rez
Fernando Alvarez Rodriguez
Eduardo Va'zquez Sa'nchez
Gustavo Estrada Go'mez
External representative:
Abelardo Me'ndez Arcos

Originally published in Spanish by the FZLN <floresu@spin.com.mx> ___________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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