We support the doctors, nurses and other workers in the health sector

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To Civil Society
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To the Zapatista Front of National Liberation
To the Autonomous Municipalities

October 23, 2000.

The indigenous and non-indigenous political prisoners who make up The Voice of Cerro Hueco, of the Ceresos of Yajalo'n, San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, Ocosingo, Comita'n, Tapachula, Tuxtla Gutie'rrez, Chiapas and Tacotalpa, Tabasco, speak our humble and dignified word:

FIRST: That we support the doctors, nurses and other workers in the health sector who are carrying out their resistance and protest movement against the government because of the lack of medicines and technical equipment for their work. At the same time, we declare that there are no medicines in the jails for the prisoners, who have no means of obtaining suitable medicines for illnesses. This is added to the fact that the inadequate medicines which we do have, have been obtained by our families' purchasing them outside the jail. We have some of them because of the support of civil society, even so, access to them has been very difficult.

Noting that there is no medicine, nor technical equipment, in the jails, as well as in the health centers. This situation is even worse in our community in the state, where service is nonexistent.

SECOND: We are also demanding our unconditional release by the State and Federal Governments if they wish to dialogue with the EZLN, because it is one of the five conditions of the San Andres Accords signed in 1996 by the Federal Government and the EZLN. Since that date there has been no willingness to fulfill them, reminding the government that we are social activists from different regions and Autonomous Municipalities.


Armando Jime'nez Pe'rez
Ricardo Garci'a Herna'ndez
Gustavo Estrada Gomes
Francisco Di'az Di'az


Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C.
Translated by irlandesa

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