A lie in order to attempt to destabilize our organization

November 24 2000

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November 23, 2000

Brothers and Sisters; the political prisoners belonging to The Voice of Cerro Hueco in the states of Chiapas and Tabasco wish to deny what was published in the newspapers on November 15 of this year, as well as the statements a few days previously in this regard by Senores Cecilio Montejo Yuca, Rosevelt Ruiz Gonza'lez and Francisco Delgado Simuta, that the Voice of Cerro Hueco is a money grubbing organization. It is nothing more than a lie in order to attempt to destabilize our organization. They are people we have identified as government followers: since it is also false that we gave money to our representative Abelardo Me'ndez Arcos, and, in addition, we have advised him not to fall into traps concerning money. Quite the contrary to what was published against him, we have always received support in order to deal with our release before government bodies. It is the government itself which has fabricated the crimes of which they are now accusing us. But bringing us to jail as common criminals has not suppressed our struggles. In conclusion, the accused persons who are attacking our organization have tried to join and be part of it, but we have refused them, because their real origin is unknown and they are going around making comments and predicting a rupture in our organization.


For Liberty With Justice and Dignity
"The Voice of Cerro Hueco"

Armando Jime'nez Pe'rez
Francisco Di'az Di'az
Gustavo Estrada Go'mez
Ricardo Garci'a Herna'ndez

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org> ________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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