The political prisoners of The Voice of Cerro Hueco, are being held kidnapped

To National and International Civil Society

Cc: To the Governments of the World
Cc: To the Companeros from the FZLN and the Zapatista Coordinadoras
Cc: To the Autonomous Municipalities

The inmates from The Voice of Cerro Hueco in the jails in the State of Chiapas are sending a communique' to Society, so that you may once more learn about our situation and our status as political prisoners, we who find ourselves forgotten and tricked by an insatiable power through injustice and pride, with the degree of power which prevails in that monster which is called the Government, which has relentlessly kept us kidnapped, making us appear to be the most fearsome criminals of the Society to which we belong, using the great machinery which they have at their disposal in order to fabricate against us the most serious crimes specified in our common and federal criminal codes. Completely forgetting about social justice, a legacy of our History and the principles of the revolution in which our ancestors participated.

Today, all the incoming governments are promising our inmates' Organization the resolution of our problems, and, with that, the promise of our Liberty, we whose crime has been being the voice of Society which demands Justice and respect for human dignity: the common denominator of the promises we have received has been poverty, imprisonment, torture, castigation and exploitation.

We no longer want any more deceptions, we want reality. No longer attempt to review the cases, since that great expert in crime is not going to find any arbitrariness or bad application of the law, since that was the purpose of our being detained, so that we would not be able to leave the jail. This means that the crimes are well devised, they are well fabricated, we can do nothing other than put up with the great injustices of the expert manipulators of the crimes, such as the Public Minister of Common Courts, the Public Minister of the Federal Courts, the judges of the common courts, the judges of the federal courts, and, lastly, the executive through his Organ of Justice, the Supreme Court, with their magistrates in the common and federal arenas, who see no further than the books which they were entrusted with to read. One would have to see one of these officials working the land, without any salary, so that they could understand the damage they do to the poor class, the campesino who works so that they can have food on their tables, and in that way see the disaster they visit on those people whose crime is being poor, and whose only defense is the strength with which they rise up every day to work the countryside which produces less every day. We are at their service, they take taxes away from us, they put us to work the land, and, when we protest about some economic damage to our families, they respond to us with imprisonment, our ancestors' revolutionary struggles has been for nothing, we continue to be subjected to repression.

It is with great joy that we see a change in government, of hope, of similarity of political ideas. We have listened to the plans of various very promising persons, where they are once again touching on the issue of the release of the political prisoners, who find ourselves deprived of our liberty. Some of these who are making promises did nothing when they were the government, there are ex-prosecutors, ex-secretaries and great politicians, who have been tied to the government their entire lives, and they never spoke of, or for, us. Today their mouths are filled championing our cause, they think that they may perhaps secure a new position in order to continue covering their salaries to which they have become accustomed. We are making a great observation about those great blasphemies, they have no moral right to intercede for us, the only ones who have the moral right to speak for us, and for our inmates' organization, are we ourselves. We do not want them to be Johnny-come-latelies, wanting to appear to be passionate fighters, they are not going to be one more of our lists. Although, it must be said, that there are persons who do indeed deserve our respect, but they do not speak, because they are never listened to, they are like the voice of reason of Justice that was never heard, and whose reward was their imprisonment. That is why we are directing ourselves to this highest court, so that you may hear our voice and so we may, once and for all, be liberated from this great legal kidnapping we are being subjected to. We want you to be aware how we, the political prisoners of The Voice of Cerro Hueco, are being held kidnapped.

FIRST. - From the time one enters the jail, everything is about money, since we are charged for every service. There is no direct communication between the inmate and the court-appointed counsel. He never comes down to prepare the inmate for his statement, he never prepares the statement of evidence which would be to their benefit, and they remain not defended.

SECOND. - We demand the speedy release of our companero political prisoners, and, at the same time, we are requesting autonomy for the court-appointed counsel, that is, that he not be dependent on the trial judge any longer, since he is, in reality, at the service of the judge and not of the inmate.

THIRD. - Many people in society consider the inmates of the Voice of Cerro Hueco to be highly dangerous criminals, far removed from their social causes, but the real manipulators of crimes are the Public Ministry, the Judicial Police, with the help of the judges and magistrates in the common and federal arenas, the PGJE and the PGR, with the help of the executive, since they behave with impunity, fabricating the crimes with which we are purportedly charged.

FOURTH. - We demand the immediate carrying out of the San Andre's Accords, emphasizing to the Executive that the Court-Appointed Counsel for the poor and the indigenous is not one of those commitments, because the conditions established by those Accords have not been fulfilled, since the common law is nothing more than a copy of the anti-indigenous law.

FIFTH. - They have promised us a review of our cases, knowing beforehand that this is not the solution for our problems. Since the crimes have been fabricated perfectly with that great machinery at the government's disposal, so that we will not be able to obtain our release, they have made it clear to us that the majority of the inmates are guilty of serious crimes that are not subject to bail at any time.

SIXTH. - With great deception our law established pre-release as a benefit for all inmates with good conduct, but this has not been possible for us, since they deny us that right, because unfortunately many of our companeros have served more than half their sentences as far as the percent specified by the law, but in no way do they grant us this benefit. Not if the inmate requests it, and even less is his pre-release granted outright.

SEVENTH. - The inmates are living in subhuman conditions, they do not receive the medical attention which belongs to them as human beings, we are abandoned by the directors, since, because of that image they have of us, they give us no medical attention, you can die in the cells here and the officials only look at you and they do nothing to attend to the sick person, they bring us practicing doctors who look like drunks. Despite this, the food is controlled by the directors, and they only let goods through which are sold by the government store, but they alter the price of those goods, in addition to the fact that some are already passed their expiration date. We want an urgent review of the prices by a competent official of the federal Prosecutor's Office for Consumers.

Through this means, the inmates in The Voice of Cerro Hueco cells in the State make all this known, hoping that we are immediately given our much longed-for Liberty, which we are publicly demanding.



Amando Jime'nez Pe'rez
Gustavo Estrada Go'mez
Fernando Alvarez Rodri'guez
Ricardo Garci'a Herna'ndez
Francisco Di'az Di'az.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C.
Translated by irlandesa Date: Thursday, September 28 2000 19:11:49 -0500
From: Enlace Civil, A.C. <>

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