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On October 11, 2000, 2 political prisoners from The Voice of Cerro Hueco were notified that they had been granted acquittals. ADOLFO LO'PEZ VA'ZQUEZ, a Ch'ol indigenous, EZLN support base, had been detained since August 9, 1995, accused of homicide, battery and criminal association in File No. 97/995, in the court of the first instance in Yajalo'n, Chiapas. In this case the witnesses to the charges had been instructed and forced to testify by the Peace and Justice paramilitary group that ADOLFO was responsible for assassinating 8 persons from the community of Cerro Misopa', Municipality of Tila.

According to these statements, the companero ADOLFO was noted as being 10-40 of the EZLN, which was the reason he was pointed out as being responsible for the homicide. In 1997, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison by the judge on the case in Yajalo'n, Lucia Montoya. The accused, through his legal representative, Miguel A'ngel de los Santos Cruz, appealed the conviction due to constitutional violations in the procedures, since the accused was at no time provided with a translator of his native Ch'ol language. An expert linguistic report, requested by the defense lawyer, confirmed that he effectively had not mastered Spanish, for which reason the 40-year sentence was revoked, and the proceedings were reinstated in order to provide more evidence in favor of the accused. New court appearances took place in which the accusers testified in front of the judge that they had never testified against ADOLFO to the Public Ministry, and they had been pressured by Peace and Justice paramilitaries. On October 11, 2000 judge Laure'ano Rodri'guez Arcuri'a acquitted ADOLFO. Nonetheless, at the same time they notified him that they had another arrest warrant for breaking and entering and threats. They set bail in the amount of 3000 pesos in order to obtain his release from the Yajalo'n Cereso.

This new accusation is unbelievable, since the year in which he is noted as being responsible for this crime (1997), Adolfo was already imprisoned. Similarly, Eduardo Va'zquez Sa'nchez, a Tzeltal indigenous from the community of El Pechto'n, municipality of Chilo'n, imprisoned in Cerro Hueco, was also notified of his acquittal, but that there were still 3 charges remaining against him for the crimes of rustling, seizure, criminal association and robbery. He was accused by the caciques of the municipality of Chilo'n, and he had 6 charges when he was detained.

As Adolfo Lo'pez Va'zquez says, just for being a Zapatista support base they have me and they have us imprisoned here, but it does not matter. The Zapatista struggle does not teach us to kill, but to love human beings. That is why I support the EZLN movement. I know that someday I and we are going to leave, in order to continue fighting. Brothers, it is not fair that I am imprisoned, like my compa~eros who find themselves here in the same way, we do not owe anyone anything. Anyway, our people know that we are not bad, it is the government that is bad. Eduardo Va'zquez S. says why do they have me here, perhaps because I am an EZLN sympathizer and government opponent, that is why the caciques of the northern region of the state are accusing me, but someday we are going to leave here, Cerro Hueco, gazing upwards. That is how justice is enforced in Chiapas, and in all of Mexico, the powerful use the law in order to do away with the poor, and it is even worse if you are indigenous, who do not even know what the existing penal code is about, where the Indian peoples were never taken into consideration in the positivist law, which is for those who have money, they buy justice, liberty for the rich, jail for the poor, the true criminals are the ones governing, not the people.

For Liberty With Justice and Dignity
External Representative of The Voice of Cerro Hueco

Abelardo Me'ndez Arcos
Tuxtla Gutie'rrez,
Chiapas October 12, 2000.

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