We are going to suspend the consumption of honey

To Local, National and International Society:
To the Local, National and International Press:

Brothers and sisters,

Once again we are speaking our word to all of you, and we are not going along with what the government is doing, dividing up the security. It is clear that there is more fear than solutions in the prisons. We are going to continue letting it be known that the manner in which the justice department accuses simply does not demonstrate whether or not we are guilty. As always, they simply have carte blanche to accuse us. The current law can be used to easily accuse anyone. And it is quite true that the PRI government dinosaurs' justice machinery is no longer to be trusted. They have mocked the people. "Ya Basta!" Brothers (and Sisters) wish, then, to tell you that we - the 4 zapatista support bases and 18 companeros, since one of them is no longer in resistance - shall not surrender.

From this moment on, at exactly 12:00 PM, we are going to suspend the consumption of honey. We shall take only water, so that the bad government of the dinosaurs will not be able to play with our dignity. It is more worthwhile to die in struggle than to die little by little. It demonstrates that wherever we are, there is struggle. We have realized that there are many injustices in the jail, especially that there are only poor people: we do not see any rich persons, nor those who have exploited and condemned our peoples, who are the ones who currently make up the cabinet of the dinosaurs. They are the ones who should be in jail, not those of us who are struggling for democracy, liberty and justice.

Because of all that has taken place, our hearts have been made stronger, and, aloud from behind the bars, one single heart has been formed, in order to demand our liberty. The justice department cannot continue suppressing the most poor. For all those who form part of the cabinet of dinosaurs who have affected our hearts, because we are human beings.

That is all, thank you very much.

For a liberty with justice and democracy.

Timoteo Calvo Espinosa
Edimundo Fonseca Arguello
Margarito Velzquez Hernndez

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil,
A.C. <enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org>
Translated by irlandesa Date: Thursday, July 13 2000 13:15:06 -0500

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