Spraying with highly toxic chemical products

Tierra y Libertad Autonomous Municipality, in Rebellion Against the Bad Government

To Conscientious National and International Ecologists
To the National and International Press
To the Peoples of the World


We want to tell you that the bad government and their business partners have poisoned our air, our water and have done away with our fruit farms in the following manner:

With the protection of the so-called Public Security police and the federal Army, they set up this plant known as Moscamed (Mediterranean Fly), supposedly to fight the Mediterranean fly. They began first with aerial and land spraying, and, later, with mosquito propagation.

The results of the spraying with highly toxic chemical products are that now all the coffee plantations are dried up, leaving us with no prospect, at the present time, of harvesting, for we do not know how many years. It is sad to know that some communities initially began complaining about the spraying, because their residents began to suffer from different unknown illnesses from the poisoning. Sadly, however, they were tricked, through explanatory videos, that it was for the good of the campesinos. Because of the propagation of the flies, the lima beans, oranges, sapodillas, etcetera, can no longer be used because they are worm ridden.

But now, today, March 21, we have risen up with our communities in order to demand the closure of this fly plant, that it leave here, but that, along with it, what is protecting it, Public Security and the federal Army, should go as well. We do not need them, they are contaminating our society with alcoholism, prostitution. We demand that Moscamed leave here, but that they also pay us for all the losses they have caused, and that they do so with urgency for all the affected communities. Otherwise we shall take no responsibility for the acts that may be taken by the communities themselves, or by some of their members, if this demand is not met.

We hold Senor Zedillo and Albores responsible for all of this, because it is they who are authorizing the acts of contamination, doing away with our products and with us ourselves.

The bad government believed that we had resigned ourselves and exchanged our dignity for explanatory videos. The bad government believed we were afraid of them. The bad government believed they had already done away with us. The bad government believed they had already dismantled us. The bad government believed they were going to exchange our dignity for spray bombs, with peligueyes, with chickens, with a kilo of meal. The bad government believed we were going to surrender in jail in exchange for our liberty. The bad government believes that, through the imposition of new municipalities with their seats full of cantinas and prostitution, we are going to surrender.

Here we are. We will not surrender to the bad government.

That is all, brothers, and thank you.


Autonomous Council and Communities of the Tierra y Libertad Autonomous Municipality. Chiapas, Mexico, March 21, 2000.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C. enlacecivil@apc.org ______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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