Three companeros disappeared or kidnaped

Tierra y Libertad Autonomous Municipality
March 28, 2000.

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On March 26, at 1 PM, in the town of San Antonio Villa Flores, the companero Timoteo Calvo was summoned to appear at a General Assembly dealing with agrarian matters, by the Executive Committee for Agrarian Matters and by authorities of the town.

When he presented himself at the place of the meeting, he was detained by 6 persons in civilian clothing and put in a white van with no license plates.

This detention is completely arbitrary, since they took him without presenting any arrest warrant.

As of this moment, we still know nothing as to his whereabouts, which is why we are saying that he has been disappeared or kidnapped.

That same day, the companeros Eduardo Lo'pez Herna'ndez and Catalino Lo'pez Va'squez, of the town of La Laguna, adjacent to the town of San Antonio Villa Flores - were also cited. They did not attend the meeting to have their agrarian papers looked at. At 5 PM, a committee from the town arrived at their homes, to tell them that it was very important for them to take their agrarian papers in order to see if they were in order.

These companeros left their houses accompanied by the committee, and when they had gone a few meters, they were detained by a large group of residents from San Antonio Villa Flores, who were armed with machetes and sticks.

These companeros were put in the van belonging to Horacio Narva'ez, of the town of Rio Blanco.

As of this moment, we do not know anything of the three companeros, for which reason we are in fear for their lives, and we demand that they be delivered safe and sound to this municipality.

We hold the authorities of the town, the Executive Committee for Agrarian Matters, the government of the state and all federal authorities, responsible for whatever might happen to them and to their relatives.

All these incidents are part of the government's policies of extermination.


Tierra y Libertad Autonomous Council

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C. ___________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Thursday, March 30, 2000

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