The slander against companero Mariano Jime'nez Jime'nez

San Pedro Polho' Autonomous Municipality,
May 11, 2000

To National and International Civil Society,
To Non-Governmental Organizations,
To the National and International Press,
To Human Rights Organizations.

We are denouncing that over the last few hours the slander against companero Mariano Jime'nez Jime'nez and against our Autonomous Municipality has been increasing, due to the incidents which took place on Sunday, May 7 in the community of Tsanebolom.

As you already are aware, last Sunday, May 7, in the community of Tsanebolom, 6 persons were ambushed, of whom three died and three were wounded. These incidents occurred at 6 in the morning, at a distance of approximately twelve kilometers from Polho'. That same day, companero Mariano Jime'nez Jime'nez was praying from five until nine in the morning with our companeros. After prayer, they all ate together, finishing at ten. For which reason the Polho' center investigated the incidents, since Senor Mariano Go'mez Pe'rez, who was wounded, is directly accusing companero Mariano Jime'nez Jime'nez. That day the Autonomous Judge talked directly with the Municipal President of Chenalho', denying the accusations and informing him of the activities which the companero had carried out on Sunday, May 7.

Due to the above, we are declaring that companero Mariano Jime'nez Jime'nez is innocent of all the charges of which he is being accused.

And we deny that there is a dialogue agreement between the Autonomous Council and the Attorney General, Armando [sic] Montoya Lie'vano. We are making it known that we only learned of it through the local media, radio and television, and we are only hearing lies.

We are denouncing that over the last few hours patrols and overflights by the Army, Public Security and State Judicial police have been increasing, accompanied by paramilitary groups, and on May 9 a foot patrol was observed less than one kilometer from our community.

We are holding responsible, for any act of violence against this Autonomous Municipality, the Municipal President of Chenalho', Antonio Pe'rez Arias; the governor of the state, Roberto Albores Guille'n, President Ernesto Zedillo and the Secretary of Government.

Liberty, Democracy and Justice

Autonomous Council Bartolo Gutie'rrez Va'zquez (signature and municipal seal)

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. 
Translated by irlandesa
Date:  Thursday, May 11, 2000 21:01:14 -0500 

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