Requesting financial or material aid

Miguel Hidalgo Autonomous Municipality Chiapas, Mexico.

June 20, 2000
To National and International Solidarity.

Brothers and sisters:

It has been with deep respect that we have been able to communicate with you, from this corner of our Mexico, "Chiapas," greetings from all our hearts.

Like pages on a calendar, the days are passing by with unusual swiftness, and we have reached the middle of the year, and we are aware that time has inexorably gone by another 6 months, and we are once again approaching its end, preparing to begin one more year.

Each one of the days that have gone by have left us with sorrows and joys, achievements and failures, which we should appreciate and overcome.

With the capacity to take risks and to struggle for a dignified life, the men and women, boys and girls, old ones - men and women - of the Miguel Hidalgo Autonomous Municipality, are writing to you, with all due respect which you deserve, for the purpose of requesting financial or material aid for the construction of an auditorium and two dormitories in our municipality. For that, we need:

The entire cost of these materials is $31,300

In our area, we do not have any economic resources, and we lack the materials which are most important for construction, because we do not have the necessary means for obtaining this material, and it is of paramount importance to us.

Brothers and sisters, we thank our creator, because he has been an influence on our determination to write to all of you who listen to our thoughts, our word, our need, the villages and residents of our municipality. We all live in rural areas, we have almost no access to the urban areas and important cities of our state. We live in the mountain, working for the little bit of beans and maize, sometimes it is not enough for the year, especially if the family is large. It is for that reason that we are approaching national and international solidarity, in order to make our most devout dream possible, and which we so long for, the construction of our Autonomous Municipality.

Brothers and sisters, that is everything we want to write to you. We hope that our word reaches you where you are working or studying, in your homes, or wherever you are. The most important thing is that we believe in you, and we have hope in you.

We remain fraternally yours,

Your brothers and companeros always,

C. Zacari'as Autonomous Municipal Council
C. Oscar Secretary

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> ________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Wednesday, June 21 2000

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