Paramilitaries have again cut the wire fences

November 9, 2000

Denuncia of the incidents which occurred in the San Manuel Poblado.
Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Go'mez, Chiapas, Mexico.

Brothers from national and international civil society,
To the local, national and international press,
To public opinion.

We are denouncing the incidents which took place today, November 9, 2000, in the San Manuel Poblado of the Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Go'mez, Chiapas.

The group of paramilitaries from San Manuel have once again cut the wire fences of the zapatista support base fields. The support bases have maize, beans, etcetera, planted in the fields.

The paramilitary groups cut the wire, knocked down the posts, and then they drove their cattle and horses, they got into the field and everything was ruined.

This group of paramilitaries is led by the following persons: Baltazar Me'ndez Lo'pes, Evaristo Me'ndes Lo'pes, Moices Hernandez Flores, Roma'n Hernandes Lo'pes. They are the ones heading this paramilitary group (MIRA), with the support of the Municipal President of Ocosingo and the Public Ministry. On October 18 they sent in the judicial police to pursue our compa~ero support bases. They were pursued at their places of work at around 11:00 in the morning.

This paramilitary group has people, or part of the paramilitary group, who live in the Suchila ejido, and they are the following persons. Those heading the group are: Mario Jime'nez Flores, Porfirio Jimenez Flores, alias Lieutenant Adolfo, Rocenber Cruz Hernandez. They are just the leaders of the Suchila group. The rest of the group are the following:

Jose Hernandez Lopes, Francisco Mendes Lo'pes, Nicolas Mendes Hernandes, Marcelo Sanchez Lopes, Domingo Sa'nches Lo'pes, Manuel Me'ndes Sa'nchez, Ramiro Herna'ndez Lo'pez, Ernesto Me'ndes Lo'pes, Ignacio Jimenes Hernandes, Mariano Lo'pes Go'mes and Eliodoro Morales Gomes, Javier Morales Hernandes. These persons are members of the MIRA paramilitary group. These persons are armed with pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Porfirio Jimenes Flores and Rocenber Cruz Herna'ndez are the ones who turned in weapons to the government in 1999. These persons are receiving money from the government to kill zapatistas. Rocenber is working with military intelligence, and they are responsible for all the problems which are taking place here.

We are making the following clear: we, as a zapatista organization, are going to continue defending our lands, whatever may happen, because these lands are lands which have been recovered since 1994. We are going to send more people to defend them. We wish to invite those persons working in the media to look at the damage.


Authorities of the Francisco Gomez Autonomous Municipality, Chiapas, Mexico.
Santiago Lo'pez Cruz

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> _________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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