New movements by paramilitaries who are active in the Roberto Barrios area


September 26, 1999.

As a continuation of the previous denuncia, we are continuing to relate the new movements by paramilitaries who are active in the Roberto Barrios area.

On September 6, 1999, a group of paramilitaries was seen getting out of a van belonging to professor Diego Vazquez Lopez, the regional chief of the paramilitaries.

On September 24 at 9:30 AM, four men arrived in the community of Roberto Barrios, carrying knapsacks, two of them with government credentials relating to the Progresa program. The four men came into the community with the excuse of visiting the official school (of Roberto Barrios).

As a deliberate provocation, they headed towards the companeros who were standing guard in the Aguascalientes, in order to ask permission to enter the community.

At 2:00 PM, the two men who did not have credentials left the community alone.

At 6:00 PM, the two men with credentials, in different clothing, left, accompanied by a group of 9 young people who have been identified as paramilitaries.

At 7:00 PM, five of these young people returned to the community. The others returned the following day.

This same day a group of 11 or 12 paramilitaries were seen returning from the community of San Antonio, their supposed meeting place.

On September 25, two men came down from the community of Arimatea, as well as two from the community of Pullipa, to the Roberto Barrios community. When they arrived here, they met with paramilitaries and left together for San Antonio, where they held a meeting.

On September 26, this same group held another meeting in the community of Nuevo Mundo.

On this same day, Francisco Gomez, a paramilitary from Arimatea, was also seen, returning from a very distant community called Rio Jordan.

Because of all these incidents, a serious attack is feared by the paramilitaries beginning on September 27. This is why we are making this denuncia known, so that a new massacre can be prevented, and, if it occurs, holding the Federal Government and state and municipal authorities responsible.

Along with this denuncia, we also wish to make known the names of some paramilitaries who are participating in this action:

Roberto Balcázar Mendoza, Raúl López Martínez, Germán Mendoza Hernández, Clemente Méndez Oleta Salvador Oleta Méndez, Aurelio Pérez Pérez (all of these from Roberto Barrios). Jesús Encino, Raúl Trejo, Francisco Gómez (from Arimatea)


The Autonomous Authorities President of the Ejidal Commission of the Town of Roberto Barrios

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Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C. <> 
Translated by irlandesa

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