Peace and Justice paramilitary group fired on the displaced companeros

September 21, 1999

To National and International Civil Society
To National and International Human Rights Organizations
To the National and International Press

We are denouncing to you that yesterday, Monday, September 20 at noon, companeros displaced from the community of Susuclumil, municipality of Tila, Chiapas - who are being housed in the Masoja Shucja community - were surprised while working in a field located some 3 kilometers from the community of Masoja Shucja. Members of the Peace and Justice paramilitary group, from the Agua Fria community, fired on the displaced companeros, who, when they realized they were being attacked, threw themselves on the ground in order to avoid the spilling of blood. We are also denouncing that, on Saturday, September 18, at 5:00 PM, the alleged assassins of Jose Tila Lopez Garcia threatened Senor Felipe Garcia Perez with death at his home in the Jolnixtie community, municipality of Tila. The criminals allowed as how "they weren't afraid at all, because they are with the government and they are against the observers in the peace camp." These observers are in the seat of the Northern Zone communities, the previously mentioned community. We vigorously reject these provocations against Zapatista Army of National Liberation support bases in the northern zone. We are being attacked constantly, clearly signaling to us that the government is not well intentioned, nor does it have the will to resolve the conflict peacefully, because it continues with its double language, on the one hand, making statements that there is political will to resolve the conflict, and, on the other, it orders paramilitaries to take actions against the zapatista bases, and the soldiers to permanently harass the communities. Because they are also planning on carrying out similar activities in the communities that belong to the Aguascalientes of Roberto Barrios, indicating to us that these are not isolated actions, but rather are being planned by the bad government. Because of this, we are requesting the presence of human rights observers and civil society, in order to prevent counterinsurgency massacres, against the least protected population, who are struggling to achieve a just and dignified peace.


Jose Cristobal Garcia Lopez Representative of the communities of the Chol Region

Originally published in Spanish by the FZLN <> __________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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