Autonomous councils of Los Altos protest San Andres attack

San Andres Sakamch'en de los Pobres, April 8, 1999


We, the men and women, the residents of the municipality of San Andres Sakamch'en, together with other brothers from different municipalities in Los Altos of Chiapas:

Today, April 8, 1999, we have come to express our most vigorous protest and repudiation of the dirty and shameful action of Roberto Albores Guillen, the imposed governor of Chiapas, for having removed our authorities, democratically elected by the majority, and for having dismantled our municipality on April 7 of this year.

Albores has once more demonstrated - to the nation and to the world - his cowardice, his evil will, his cynicism and his criminal attitude towards the peace desired by all Mexicans and by the world. Albores does not tire of promoting and provoking violence and confrontation in order to spill more indigenous blood in Chiapas. Nonetheless, he is still trying to conceal his crimes and his evilness, speaking of peace and of the well-being of the indigenous peoples.

But in the name of law and order he incarcerates and assassinates indigenous and campesinos, in the name of peace and justice he seeks violence and confrontations among the indigenous, in the name of liberty and democracy he dislocates, jails and persecutes the authorities democratically elected by the majority of the town, and he imposes PRI authorities in order to reinforce division, in order to create and strengthen the paramilitaries, and thus provoke violence and confrontation among the indigenous communities and municipalities; in the name of peace and tranquility, Albores "lies" to the nation and to the world, saying all is at peace.

That is why we have come to tell Roberto Albores, the criminal, the bloodiest in the history of Chiapas, that the just struggle of the indigenous peoples cannot be stopped by the dictatorship and arrogance of an assassin government, even though he may tell many lies and make many promises, he will not be able to convince, nor to buy the consciences, of conscience peoples.

The indigenous peoples who are conscience and willing to struggle are not going to be discouraged or surrender because of threats, and even less by the taking away of a building or by invading a piece of space; because their just struggle is not enclosed by four walls, nor does it have borders, because their cause is justice, liberty, democracy and peace with justice and liberty.

Even though San Andres Sakamch'en is recognized nationally and internationally as a symbol of the hope for a peace with justice and dignity and for Chiapas and for Mexico; since Albores and his accomplices are not interested in peace, or the well-being and lives of the indigenous peoples, Albores is not satisfied with having assassinated dozens of indigenous and hundreds of innocents; if justice existed in Mexico, Albores, like others, would no longer be free, provoking more violence, he should be in jail for the multiple crimes he has committed against the indigenous peoples.

We also want to say that it causes us much pain that there are still indigenous brothers who allow themselves to be used and bought by the government, indigenous brothers who allow themselves to be had for a little money or for the promises made by the bad government, and thus deliver themselves to the powerful as humble slaves and servants, but they turn proud and furious against the brothers of their own race, making themselves accomplices in the lie and the crimes of the bad leaders.

This is why we demand justice for the multiple crimes committed by Roberto Albores and that they immediately leave our State, in order to avoid the spilling of more indigenous blood in Chioapas.

To our PRI indigenous brothers and their authorities, if you truly wish the tranquility of our municipality, you should think carefully about what you are doing, and you should analyze the consequences they can bring, but do not let yourselves be had by the lies and the promises of a bad government or by some PRI leaders who are only seeking their own personal benefit.

What you have done by dislocating the town authorities is a true provocation, if something serious were to happen in the municipality, you will be held directly responsible, with an assassin government whom you have confidence in, but, if you want to be accomplices, then go right ahead.

But do not forget that justice cannot be bought nor sold with money.



Manuel Hernandez Hernandez
Manuel Gonzalez Gonzalez
Manuel Teratol Ruiz
Mario Santiz Gomez
Manuel Ruiz Lopez
Jose Ruiz Gomez
Calle Ignacio Allende 4
29200 San Cristobal de Las Casas
Chiapas, Mexico
Telephone and Fax:   52-967-82104
Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C.
Translated by irlandesa
Date:   Thursday, April 8, 1999 18:14:47 -0500

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