Call for the Second Encuentro Between Civil Society and the EZLN

April 15, 1999.

To the State, Special, Regional and Municipal Coordinators for the Consulta:
To All the Promotion Brigades for the Consulta:
To National and International Civil Society:

Brothers and Sisters:

The EZLN, continuing with the mobilization for the Recognition of the Rights of the Indian Peoples and For an End to the War of Extermination,

Calls For

The Second Encuentro Between Civil Society and the EZLN.

In the Aguascalientes of La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico, On the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of May of 1999.

The purpose of this Second Encuentro is to prepare jointly - as we have done with this entire mobilization - the review and evaluation of the Consulta for the Recognition of the Rights of the Indian Peoples and For an End to the War of Extermination.

This Second Encuentro will be held in accordance with the following premises:

First. - Everyone who has participated, or who is participating, in any of the promotion and publicity brigades may attend.

Despite the fact that their idiocies promoted the Consulta in the media, none of the members of "The Fantastic Four" brigade (Zedillo, Labastida, Albores and Rabasa) may attend. No way, we're a bit sectarian.

Second. - Anyone who makes up part of any of the State, Special, Delegational, Regional and Municipal Coordinators, accredited in the Contact Office for the Consulta, may attend.

Fourth. - State, Special, Delegational, Regional and Municipal Coordinators may accredit their members who want to attend the Encuentro.

Fifth. - The State, Special, Delegational, Regional and Municipal Coordinators should communicate to the Contact Office for the Consulta the number of persons accredited for the Second Encuentro, no later than May 2, 1999. This is because we need to have an idea of the approximate number attending, so that we can have the facilities we will be using in the best possible shape, and also so that we can be resolving the issue of transportation from San Cristobal to La Realidad and back.

Sixth. - The agenda proposed for the Second Encuentro is the following:

Friday, May 7. - Arrival in La Realidad and Opening of the Encuentro.

Saturday, May 8. - Review and Evaluation of the Stages of the Mobilization:

A). - The stages of promotion and publicity of the Consulta, and of territorial organization.

B). - The trip made by the 5000 zapatista delegates.

C). - The jornada of March 21, 1999.

Sunday, May 9. - Review and Evaluation of the Consulta Results.

Sunday, May 9. - Discussion and Accords for the Next Stage of the Mobilization for the Recognition of the Rights of the Indian Peoples and For an End to the War of Extermination.

Sunday, May 9. - Closing Ceremony.

Monday, May 10. - Departure from La Realidad.

Seventh. - Saturday, May 8, the zapatista communities and the CCRI-CG will provide a meal in honor of civil society. Since all of civil society cannot receive the homage, those who will get it will be those who will be attending.

During this act, and, as a special number, between 15,000 and 20,000 "deserters" from the EZLN will commit suicide (or "self-suicide," as Rabasa says). After the respectable, measured applause, and after the standard photographs are taken, the former deserters, and now self-suicides, will be revived, and, in order to receive the honor of the title "polpotianos," they will be summarily executed. The respectable ones will applaud with measured enthusiasm, and, after more photos, the former deserters, former self-suicides, and now executed ones, will put on their ski-masks once again and continue being what they are...: zapatistas.

(Note: We are making the extra effort of building a train along the highway. This is in the hope that some NATO bomber pilot will confuse it with the transporting of refugees from the former Yugoslavia, and save us the shame of self-suiciding, but we aren't guaranteeing anything. If you want, bring your cameras).

In a special ceremony the formal opening will take place of the national and international campaign called "Superior Bones for Albores and Cheap Trinkets for Marcos," which is self-explanatory.

Similarly, we are calling for the establishment of a co-advisory body in order to get the diffferent factions within the PRI to sit down to dialogue: The Commission of Concordance and Peace so That the State Party Will Not Assassinate their Presidential Candidate Once More and Replace Him With the Election Campaign Coordinator ("COCOPAQPDENACALPYPESLACDLCE," for its initials).

Eighth. - All those attending should bring their own eating utensils (plate, spoon, fork, stick or pick, power drill or nutcracker, whatever they use). The meals, except for the homage to civil society, will be dealt with by those attending themselves, but economical food services will be provided at "populist" prices.

It would be very well looked upon if those attending could bring some bones or a croquette, and, while they're passing through Tuxtla, deliver them solemnly to Albores or to his baby puppies in the PGJE (don't forget to bring rabies vaccine, just in case).

You can leave the bones in the trash can, since that's where those beings who reside in the Government Palace look for their food.

Ninth. - Roofs will be provided for sleeping in La Realidad, and, in some cases, even walls. Only.

Tenth. - Prior to the celebration of this Second Encuentro, the EZLN will be making public various figures concerning the Consulta mobilization, nationally as well as internationally.

Eleventh. - Concerning the press: All those media who accredit themselves in the Contact Office for the Consulta, or with the State Coordinators, can attend, who are not police or military, and who have not destroyed any indigenous schools with their helicopters.

Twelfth. - Everything which has not been prepared for in this convocation (that is, almost everything), will be resolved (!?) by the Dis-Organizing Committee (or, rather, us).

Thirteenth. - There is no thirteenth, only.


From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
By the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee -
General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, April of 1999.

Originally published in Spanish by the Contact Office <> _________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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