Announcement of 2nd American Encuentro for Humanity and against Neoliberalism

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

June of 1999.

To: The Peoples of America
To: Committees in Solidarity with the Zapatista Struggle in Latin America
To: Committees in Solidarity with the Zapatista Struggle in the World

Brothers and sisters:

A message has reached us from the Brazilian Amazon. The echo comes from the Andes and Patagonia. The winds carry it from the waters of the Caribbean. The drums in North America repeat it, and swift messages cross Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. The voices rise up from the mines in Bolivia, the same from under the heights of Macchu Pichu. They are singing it in Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Nicaragua makes it a poem, and in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama it is a serious manifesto. The Antilles are dancing it. The word goes out from the Amazon, and begins to move throughout all of America, and in all the towns they are preparing for long trips, like those undertaken from sorrow to hope. And from all the continents of the American continent, from all the worlds they inhabit, men and women begin moving.

What is the reason for this continental chaos? A new measure by the International Monetary Fund? Another meeting of Chiefs who are not Chiefs, of States that are not States? A soccer match? No, the reason is an invitation. From dignified Brazil, Belem is calling us to the:


It will be in Belem Do Para from December 6 to 11, 1999.

And so I am just letting you know: the America of the dignified resistance, of the committed struggle, of the foolish hope, she who is forgotten by everyone but herself, turns now to Brazil. And we are going there as well. If the piranhas of imperialism do not hold us up too much, we will disembark in Belem in the dawning of December. We will not be taking much baggage, just, perhaps, what is necessary in order for us to repeat, in the Brazilian Amazon, that, against Neoliberalism and for Humanity, we are struggling here today so that in all of America, for everyone, there might be...


Salud, and all the winds and all the boats are now bound for: Belem Do Para, Brazil.

>From the mountains of the Mexican southeast.

For the General Command of the
Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee of the
Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Subcomandante insurgente Marcos
Mexico, June of 1999.


Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa
Date:   Wednesday, June 30, 1999 17:45:57 -0500

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