Disrobing More Fake Zapatista Deserters

Amparo Agua Tinta
Tierra y Libertad Municipality
Chiapas, Mexico

To National and International Civil Society.
To the Local and International Press.


In response to the need by the PRIs of this community to pass themselves off as zapatista deserters in order to obtain benefits from Albores.

We vehemently denounce the ploy being carried out by Elias Mendez Agueda, who continues to manipulate the group of PRIs (they were divided into two parts). The part that went with Elias Mendez are passing themselves off as zapatista deserters so that Albores Guillen will give them something.

Because of this incident we can see that the PRIs need the zapatista name so that they will give them something, thinking that zapatismo is for charity or crumbs from the bad government.

With this we are making clear that there are no zapatista deserters in our community, only PRIs manipulated by Elias Mendez.

And the great majority of us, as an autonomous town, are asking in advance that our denuncia be published, so that the Mexican people, and brothers of other nations, will be made aware.


The Autonomous Town of Amparo Agua Tinta

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C. <enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org> __________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Monday, November 22, 1999 17:36:52 -0600 From: fzln<floresu@spin.com.mx>

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