Roofs Destroyed by Army Helicopters

November 4, 1999

San Manuel Autonomous Municipality, Chiapas.

To National and International Civil Society.
To the National and International Press.

We are denouncing that, since October 28 until November 1 of this year, Federal Army helicopters have been flying very low over the "Arroyo de Santa Maria" Ejido, and their flights have destroyed the straw roofs of the houses. It appears as if the helicopters are trying to land, but the residents have prevented them, by putting up wooden posts in the places where they would be able to land. Their purpose would be to detain some campesinos from that community.

Meanwhile, Federal Army helicopters have also been carrying out overflights, from October 25 to the present time, above fields, during working hours, belonging to a group of campesinos from the "San Antonio - La Victoria" ejido, whose fields are two hours on foot from that community. The flights over their fields are so low that the campesinos have been able to observe the soldiers inside the helicopter, carrying high powered weapons and film cameras. The terror being wreaked against this group of 12 campesinos is so great that they must flee to the mountains every time the helicopter passes above them.

We are also denouncing the rumor campaign by paramilitaries in the community of "La Trinidad," where they are threatening members of the Zapatista community with the alleged construction of a judicial Police checkpoint. This campaign of threats began on September 15 this year, and at this time it has grown more marked, even to the point where they now supposedly have the land for the checkpoint, through a donation of a pasture land belonging to the PRI "Don Marcelo," located some 500 meters from the Ejido.

We are holding the federal and Chiapas state governments responsible for the damages caused to the houses in the "Arroyo Santa Maria" Ejido, as well as for the moral damages caused by the psychological terror being wrought against the children, and for other sufferings being caused to our families.


Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> ___________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Wednesday, November 25, 1999 From:

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