We deny preparations for the take-over of the municipal president's building

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The Autonomous authorities of the Municipality of San Juan de la Libertad, Chiapas address all the men, women, and old ones of Mexico and of the entire world, in order to clarify the recent information disseminated by the federal and state governments concerning the purported take-over of the municipal president's office, currently occupied by the PRI's, and under the careful safeguard of the public forces (state public and judicial security and federal soldiers).

We clarify the following:

1. - At no moment have we been concerned with taking over the municipal president's building, as the state government has asserted.

2. - We deny the alleged preparations with other municipalities for the take-over of the municipal president's building.

3. - We are more concerned over the coming attacks by the state government, such as they have been doing, inventing childish theatrics in other municipalities in order to justify another Acteal.

4. - The federal and state governments are demonstrating inconsistency between what they say and what they do, concerning the continuous search for dialogue, when the facts are that they persist in seeking pretexts to inundate us with state public and judicial security agents, soldiers and federal judicial agents.

5. - The residents of the San Juan de la Libertad municipality are telling us that the only thing they are expecting from the federal and state government's actions are bullets directed at the indigenous, because we see that the municipal president's building is full of public security, state judicial, soldiers and federal judicials, with their trenches ready in order to attack the true owners of this town.

San Juan de la Libertad, Chiapas, Mexico
April 20, 1999.


Representatives of the Communities

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Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C.
Translated by irlandesa

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