We do not need crumbs from the government

Denuncia From the San Juan de la Libertad Autonomous Municipality

Letter of Denunciation

To Public Opinion
To National and International Civil Society
To the National and International Press

Those signing, representatives of the autonomous communities that belong to the San Juan de la Libertad Autonomous Municipal seat, State of Chiapas, wish to address the national and international media through this means, in order to have the contents of this denuncia broadcast in all the corners of the entire world, for the purpose of denying the information reported on the 22nd of July in the local and national media. They are absolute pieces of theatre, presented by the PRI's of this community themselves, instructed by the state and federal governments, in order to try to weaken the EZLN organization.

Therefore we wish to deny:

1. - We vigorously deny the false information reported on the 22nd of July of the current year, in which they announced that the Autonomous Authority was asking for economic aid from the state and federal governments in order to carry out economic projects. We are certain that these are theatrical pieces, designed by the PRI's themselves (muertos de hambre). We, as EZLN sympathizers, will continue in resistance.

2. - We do not need crumbs from the government, because we are only waiting for the fulfillment of the San Andres Accords, nor is it that easy for us to be bought by the government's money. Our conscious will is to firmly continue in our organization until it is achieved.

3. - We are inviting the PRI's not to utilize the intitials of our organization in order to deceive the blind who cannot work in the countryside in order to support their families, and therefore gain more programs. Insofar as they are saying that San Juan de la Libertad has done away with the zapatista organization, those are absolute lies, because more and more of us are waking up every day. We indigenous companeros are willing to fight (not traitors).

San Juan de la Libertad, Chiapas
July 23, 1999.


Representatives of the Autonomous Communities.

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