Paramilitaries continue to cause problems

Denuncia from Polho
Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro,
Polho, Chiapas, Mexico

October 11, 1999

Press Communique

X E W Radio 640

To All the Governments of the World
To the National and International Press
To Human Rights Organizations
To National and International Civil Society

Through this means we are denouncing the incidents that have taken place in the Communities of Yabteclum, Los Chorros, Chimix and the Majomet barrio of the Autonomous Municipality of Polho, Chiapas.

The PARAMILITARY PRIs of Chenalho are continuing to make threats and to cause problems. They have not left us in peace, and that is why I fear for the lives of my companeros. The paramilitaries are making psychological and physical attacks (with firearms and other weapons).

The paramilitaries of Yabteclum tried to assassinate the Senora (Antonio Suliano's widow), they want to dislocate her from her land, and a child who is her own grandaughter, whom she raised from the time she was a newborn, because the child's mother died when she was being born.

Then, on the first of September of this year, she decided to abandon her house and the PRI, because the PRI authorities had not secured justice for them.

Because on May 12 they had come and fired their weapons near her house, and she immediately went to let the PRI authorities know, and they did not pay any attention to her. Because of that, she decided to sympathize with the EZLN. She no longer wishes to be with assassins, and, in addition, her own children are paramilitaries.

On October 7 -8 of this year, 22 companeros went to work on their plots, in the community of Yibeljoj and Tokbits. On the first day there were no problems, now they do not want them to go on the plots, now they feel that they are the owners of everything, and, in addition, they participated in the Acteal massacre.

That is what the companeras came to say.

The soldiers who are in K'intikil U'kum are protecting the paramilitaries when they are stealing construction sheets from our companeros.

The paramilitaries from Chimix destroyed a Pentecostal church and stole the roof. They also cut down our companeros' trees. Not only that, they also stole a bull from our companero Agustin Arias Himut.

In the Majomut barrio, which is part of the Polho Autonomous Municipality, the companeros went to saw up a tree, and they made it into thirty 5.5 meter supports, but the next day they were not there, they were stolen by the Cardenistas along with the soldiers.

I ask myself: where is the security for the companeros to return to their places of origin, when President Antonio Perez Arias is continuing to create problems, along with his municipal agents as well as with his paramilitaries, if they want to assassinate even their own mothers, and if they are continuing to steal and to make threats?


Autonomous Municipal Council of San Pedro of Polho, Chiapas

Domingo Perez Paciencia

Originally Published in Spanish by the Contact Office <> __________________________ Translated by irlandesa From: Contact Office for the National Consulta <> Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999, 10:57 AM

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