Paramilitaries and Land Seizures in Chenalho

Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion of Polho',
Chiapas, Mexico.

On the 18th of November, 1999.

We are asking you to distribute our information.

To all radio listeners
To the National and International Press
To Human Rights Organizations
To National and International Civil Society

Through this means we are denouncing the incidents that occurred to our companero Agusti'n Perez Takimut, who is displaced and in this Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Polho', Chiapas.

The companero Agusti'n lived in the community of Chimix, from which he escaped in order to save his life, leaving behind his belongings and his plots. One of these, which has four tareas and is located in Bajobeltik (approximately one quarter of a hectare), has been being occupied by Antonio Pe'rez Santiz, who is the former PRI Municipal Agent for Bajobeltik and who participated in the Acteal massacre. Senor Antonio planted 84 coffee shrubs, and he has prepared the land in order to continue planting. He has even built two houses, in which he is living, on companero Agusti'n Pe'rez' land.

Because of this, we are denying the statements by the Municipal President of Chenalho', who is saying that an atmosphere of calm and security prevails - because at this time we are not able to go and harvest our coffee. We know paramilitaries are on our lands. We are holding the Municipal President of Chenalho', Antonio Pe'rez Arias, responsibility for any attack that might be made against our companeros.

We are grateful for your valuable collaboration.


Autonomous Municipal Council of San Pedro Polho', Chiapas.

Domingo Pe'rez Paciencia.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> ___________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 From:

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