Paramilitaries shoot family

Ricardo Flores Magón Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion

October 17, 1999

To the people of Mexico:
To the peoples of the world:
To the national and international press:

In the ejido of Arroyo Granizo, municipality of Ricardo Flores Magón in rebellion, on October 16, 1999, we are publicly denouncing the incidents provoked by the paramilitaries in the above mentioned community.

For more than a year they have been continuously, and in the General Assembly of the People, threatening that they are not afraid of anyone, that they have a relationship with the military and with other communities and those of the region that extend to Tani Perla, they also mention that they have relationships with other countries.

And that they are constantly having meetings with Señor Homero H. González, councilor of Ocosingo and Pedro Chulín, also a councilor. Señor Antonio Jiménez Encino has been threatening the residents of the Arroyo Granizo Ejido, the leaders of civil society organizations and of the EZLN, saying they are in communication with the military and other paramilitary groups, through any convoy that comes or by telephone from Santo Domingo to Cintalapa.

The threats have been made visible through incidents in the community, they have been selling alcohol and they have achieved their objective, they have stabbed here in the community. Señor Antonio and his entire family are not willing to pay for their errors, they impose their actions.

Sr. Antonio Jiménez is the local leader of the paramilitaries here in Arroyo Granizo, along with Sr. Jerónimo Gomez Luna. They are recognized as being leaders of the MIRA paramilitary group. And that they have contacts with other leaders from other communities such as Mariano Gutiérrez Martínez of the Limonar Ejido. And with another from Cintalapa who is called Herlindo, who is also a leader of the paramilitaries. They are all in communication by radio, and every time they need to get together they use it. We are also denouncing that on October 16, Sr. Manuel Cruz Jiménez was assassinated. He was with his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter, who were also wounded by gunfire, and who are hospitalized. His daughter-in-law, Sra. Juana Silvana Tobilla, who is hospitalized, is 45 years old, and her daughter, 17 is seriously injured.

Sr. Manuel Cruz, who was ill, was heading in the morning to the Ojo de Agua Tzeltal Ejido where he was going to sell his fruit and to buy medicines, when met Sr. Antonio Jiménez on the road (at approximately 7 in the morning), who asked him where he was going, what he was going to do, and at what time he would be returning, laughing the entire time.

Afterwards, Sr. Antonio Jiménez stayed and waited for the old man's return from Ojo de Agua, leaving footprints where he had been waiting.

At 1:00 in the afternoon, the deceased, Sr. Cruz, was returning. When he passed by there, Sr. Antonio Jiménez appeared in his path, with his face covered, but he was recognized by his voice, his way of walking and his height, speaking in Spanish and signaling them to halt, he was armed with a 22 caliber pistol. First wounding the deceased's daughter-in-law with 4 bullets to her body and face, shooting at her to get her out of the road, he then turned around, next attacking Sr. Cruz, shooting him twice in the face, and, once he was on the ground, he shot him again. The 16 year old girl tried to escape, running, but a bullet reached her in her right knee.

When they were shooting at the people, a van from the Ubilio Gracia Ejido passed by, they asked for help in taking them to the Ojo de Agua Ejido, they were given aid, they took them and they left them there. The officials there helped them, and they took them in a fruit-selling van back to Arroyo Granizo. Delivering them to the ejidal officials. These authorities sent the wounded to the general hospital of Palenque for treatment.

Sr. Manuel Cruz was from Arroyo Granizo, he was a widow, he died 6 months after his wife, he had 2 sons. He was a campesino, he worked his fields.

- Brothers and sisters, we are denouncing the low intensity war strategies of those who govern this country.

- We are denouncing to national and international civil society and to Non-Governmental Organizations, to the national and international press, that these outrages form part of the war the government is waging against the indigenous who are fighting for a right to life, to justice, and to the full self-determination of our peoples.

- We are demanding justice be brought to bear against Antonio Jiménez Encino, who committed the killing of Sr. Manuel Cruz, and who is also the leader of the paramilitaries here in Arroyo Granizo.

- We are denouncing the low intensity war President Ernesto Zedillo and Governor Albores are waging against our communities, arming and training paramilitary groups, dividing our communities, assassinating our brothers.

- We are demanding the withdrawal of the soldiers to their barracks, who are patrolling the roads, coming in to the mountains on the road to the fields and frightening the campesinos.

- We are peaceful here in the communities, we are peaceful here, we give respect to the ejidal authorities. Whereas the government speaks of peace, but in truth makes war.

Peace, Justice, Liberty to the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico.

Arrollo Granizo Ejido,
Authorities Ricardo Flores Magón Autonomous Municipality

The representative of the organization.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C. <> ____________________________ Translated by irlandesa From: Date: 10/20/99, 1:12 AM

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