The provocation of War by the Federal Army

Denuncia to Public Opinion

In the Autonomous Municipal Seat of Francisco Gomez,
Chiapas, Mexico. August 22, 1999.

The Authorities denounce the incidents being carried out by the federal and state governments in the community of Mango el Nazaret of the Canadas in the Autonomous Municipalities of San Manuel and Ricardo Flores Magon and in this Municipal Seat of Francisco Gomez and in the other regions of the Canadas, the provocation of War by the Federal Army and by state public security.

The Federal Mexican Army is provoking the harassment of the communities through patrols, by land and air, in the Zapatista communities. And the low airplane and helicopter overflights in the indigenous communities in the region.

Because of this, the residents of Francisco Gomez are denouncing these incidents of Persecution of the Zapatista leaders by public security and the Mexican army.

Provoked by the federal and state Governments so that the Zapatista indigenous will cease fighting for the recognition of the rights of the indigenous peoples.

And so we denounce these incidents by the Federal and state Governments, because we are on our land, working, and the bad Government is provoking these Incidents of harassment, the flights by the planes and the helicopters in our communities in order to provoke us into a confrontation with the Federal forces of the Bad Government.


The Residents of Francisco Gomez, Chiapas
[Signatures and Prints]

Originally published by Enlace Civil A.C. 
Translated by irlandesa
Date: Sunday, August 22, 1999

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