PRI's are Destroying Buildings in Magdalena de la Paz

Magdalena de la Paz Autonomous Municipality
(previously Aldama)
November 9, 1999.

To the People of Mexico
To Public Opinion
To the National and International Press
To Human Rights Centers

Through this means, we are publicly DENOUNCING the provocative actions that the PRIs are continuing to take against this above-mentioned Autonomous Municipality, headed by purported municipal authorities and destabilizing PRI leaders, forcing, threatening, their people to carry out acts of provocation. If they do not participate, they are charging them a $100 fine. Because of this, we are well aware that they are receiving orders from Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon and Albores Guillén, as a strategy in the low intensity war against the indigenous communities. For this reason, the representatives of the communities belonging to this Autonomous Municipality STRENUOUSLY DENOUNCE the following acts of provocation:

FIRST: This October 8 we publicly denounced the war strategy being carried out by the Federal and State Governments against this municipality: provoking divisions, confrontations, destroying houses, buildings, halls, which are important places for us, as well as historic, built by the entire town, and not just by a group of PRIs. The establishment of new municipalities by the government has only created social instability.

SECOND: The principal objective of this denuncia is that the PRIs are continuing to destroy houses and halls through force. Yesterday, November 8, they destroyed another large hall. Previously, they had destroyed other buildings. These destroyed buildings are important places and part of the cultural heritage of our people. Following the destruction, a public security truck recently arrived, with 25 troops, armed and equipped to protect themselves in case there were problems.

They do not understand reason and truth, the only interest they have is in power and money, the same as Ernesto Zedillo and Albores Guillén.

THIRD: The other main purpose of this denuncia is that, this October 19, Public Security police began making patrols, which are continuing to this date. They enter by way of the Municipality of Mitontic, go through the Belisario Domínguez development, San Antonio Caridad, Magdalens and reach San Andres, or, if not, from San Andrés to Mitontic. We categorically reject these patrols. We do not need the presence of the Public Security or judicial police, the Federal Army, the PGR and the other repressive forces of the bad government, as they have previously shown us.

FOURTH: We demand that the Federal and State governments, and the senators and deputies who are accomplices in these injustices, desist from their actions of provocation and their war strategies, provoking problems, divisions, confrontations and patrols by Public Security in the municipality, as well as in other municipalities and in the indigenous communities.

FIFTH: In this Autonomous Municipality, today Magdalena de la Paz, we are holding Ernesto Zedillo, Albores Guillén and PRI authorities and leaders, responsible for any act of violence that might occur among the people, and we are directly accusing them.

Signed and Sealed by the representatives of the following communities:

C. Lorenzo. Municipal Seat C. Benito. San Pedro Cotzinam C. Jorge. San José Manuel Santa Cruz C. Lorenzo. X'uxch'en C. Manuel. Santa Martha C. Domingo. Belisario Domínguez

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. 
Translated by irlandesa
Date:   Thursday, November 11, 1999 10:09:30 -0600 

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