Message from Comandante Ramona, to the students of University City

Message from Comandante Ramona, to the students of University City, UNAM in Mexico City on March 11th. 1997

Student compaoeras and compaoeros:

The 8th of March the International Woman's day was celebrated. For The EZLN the womans struggle is very important. Not only through weapons, but through the political organization in the comunities. Our hope is that one day our situation will change, that women are treated with respect, justice and dignity.

On January the 1st, 1994, the Zapatista women said that we have the right to decide the number of children that we want and can take care of; that we have the right to participate in our comunity matters and to have positions ; that we have the right to choose our couple, not being obligated to get married; that none of us can be beaten or badly treated phisically, by our family or by strangers, and that rape or intention of will be punished.

You know the farmers (campesinos) situation, the injustice and the poberty in which the indigenous women live in our country. Every day that the suprem government continues with politics in fvor of the rich, this situation becomes more dificult. We the women, are victims of the lack of education, of not having jobs, of daily violence, of health situations ever so much worse.

That is why we struggle for the autonomy of the indian pueblos. To take in our hands the control of our lives and not suffer so much.

Millions of mexican indians, men, women and children have been sacrificed since 500 years ago. Millions of our ancestors were murdered with the violence of the arms or with that of misery.

How many indians of Chiapas, guerrero, Hidalgo, Puebla, Sonora, Chihuahua, Veracruz, have been sacrificied for power of money?

On January the 1st of 1994 we shouted °YA BASTA! to all this. And since then we mexican indians do not duck our heads, we see power head forward and make him lower his head.

Because we have dignity and he doesn't. Because we want a Mexico for everybody and they want a Mexico for only a few. Because we want to live in peace, while for them the best indian is the dead indian.

We mexican indians know how to resist, we are not going to allow the power to continue with it¥s human sacrifices.

We have on our side, the justice, the reason and the historia.

We will win and are going to construct a Mexico with all of you.



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