A document from the government

January 1, 1997

To the people of Mexico:
To the people and governments of the world:

Brothers and Sisters:

In regards to the proposals on Constitutional reforms in regards to indigenous matters presented by the Cocopa to the federal government and the EZLN, the CCRI, General Command of the EZLN declares:

FIRST~ That on the 19th day of December of 1996 a sub-commission of the Cocopa presented itself in the community of La Realidad in the Lacandon jungle to meet with a delegation of the CCRI_CG of the EZLN. In this meeting the Cocopa gave the EZLN a document with observations made by the federal government on the proposal elaborated by the legislative entity (Cocopa) regarding constitutional reforms on indigenous matters.

SECOND~ The Cocopa recognizes that it was unaware of the content and ramifications of such observations and that more time was needed to analyze the proposal of Mr. Ernesto Zedillo; the response of Mister Zedillo to the Cocopa was neither a yes or a no as the Cocopa, the EZLN and public opinion expected. However, as a sign of good will the EZLN responded that along with its team of advisors and the National Indigenous Congress it would analyze the document sent by the federal government to the Cocopa.

THIRD~ The EZLN and the Cocopa agreed to a new tripartite meeting between the Cocopa, the EZLN and the Conai to decide its positions on the 11th and 12th day of 1997 in the community of La Realidad.

FOURTH~ The EZLN would like to make it clear that at no time have the negotiations been re-opened regarding the agreements of San Andres on indigenous rights and culture nor on the Cocopa initiative which reflects the agreements of San Andres signed by the federal government and the EZLN 11 months ago regarding indigenous matters.

FIFTH~ The EZLN from the beginning of the discussion on the indigenous issue has summoned important national sectors, specialists and the best of the independent national indigenous movement to struggle for a new relationship with the indigenous peoples and the Mexican nation; the Zapatista flag of "everything for everyone, nothing for us" is a reality, and that is why the EZLN calls upon the National Indigenous Congress and its team of advisors to an important work session that will take place in the next days. At that time, the EZLN will make know its decision regarding this issue; and the Cocopa has given its word to do the same. The EZLN is not alone in this struggle nor will it be alone in its response.


From the mountains of the Mexican southeast
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee General Command
Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Thirteenth year of the Struggle
Fourth year of the war against oblivion
January 1997

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