March with the Zapatistas to the city of Mexico

2 September 1997.

To the people of Mexico:

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation, against the militarization of the indigenous regions and in demand of the fulfillment of the San Andres Accords, will march to Mexico City.

This great Zapatista and indigenous march will arrive in the Federal District on September 12th of this year, and will remain in the capital city until the 17th of the same month. The program of activities of the Zapatistas in those days will be the following:

September 12th. Xochimilco and the Zocalo of Mexico City. On the morning of this day, we will hold a political event in Xochimilco. Afterwards, we will leave toward the capital Zocalo. Here, we will carry out a demonstration with speakers from the National Indigenous Congress and the EZLN. In front of the palace of the powerful, we will demand the fulfillment of the word given in San Andres, the demilitarization of the indigenous zones of the country, and a just and dignified place in Mexico for the indigenous peoples.

September 13th. Founding Congress of the FZLN. On this day, we will go to the Salon "Los Angeles" where the opening session of the Founding Congress of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation will be held. After an effort spanning 20 months, which began with the IV Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle in January of 1996, a new type of political organization is being born. Inspired by the Zapatista banners of not struggling for Power, but rather for a new relationship between those who govern and those who are governed, and the idea of "leading by obeying", the FZLN will be accompanied, from its birth, by the Zapatistas of the EZLN.

September 14th. Political Event with the National Indigenous Congress. Together with our sisters and brothers of the CNI, we will lay out the situation of Indigenous Mexico, its demands and its aspirations.

September 15th. Encounter with Civil Society in Cuicuilco. We invite all the unions, students, teachers, campesinos, colonos, indigenous peoples, men and women of faith, housewives, ecologists, NGOs, intellectuals, artists, social movements, gays and lesbians, brothers and sisters of other countries, and all those who wish to speak and listen with us, to an ENCOUNTER in which all of us will be able to speak our word. It will not be an event with a single planned ending, or for a single cause. It will be an encounter for everyone and a space to speak and demand, listen and see, for all who--like us, the Zapatistas--are not in agreement with the way things are, who feel that there is still hope, and who struggle for a better Mexico. For more information regarding this celebration of the word, contact Luis Hernandez Navarro, at 525-25-45.

September 16th. Closing Session of the FZLN Congress. We will be with our sisters and brothers of the FZLN in the closing ceremony of their Congress. We will celebrate Mexican Independence Day with a verbena and a dance in a location which has yet to be confirmed.

September 17th. Political Events with Social and Political Organizations, and Farewell Ceremony for the Zapatistas. In the morning, we will participate in a joint political event together with other social and political organizations. In the afternoon, we will prepare our odds and ends, and then in the evening will be the farewell event of the delegation of 1,111 Zapatistas, who will begin their return to the mountains of the Mexican Southeast at dawn on September 18th.

Brothers and Sisters:

We invite you to accompany us in these activities, and to join with us in our demand of a Mexico for all Mexicans.


From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee
-General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Mexico, September 1997.

[Translated by Joshua Paulson]

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