Closing remarks from the second anniversary celebration of the Zapatista uprising and of the coming together of the civil society and the EZLN

Brothers and Sisters:

In the name of the men, women, children, and the elders of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation we want tosay a couple of words to all of you to close the festivities that we have had these days.

Since the beginning we said that this was a cultural encounter in order to gain ground in the road towards peace in the fight for democracy, liberty and justice for all Mexicans. We have constructed cultural centers in order to speak the truth and for a new peace. We have not constructed guerrilla center or military posts. The EZLN has demonstrated that it is an army for peace. Since January of 1994, the EZLN has not stopped launching initiatives in favor of the peace- different from the silent war thta we have suffered for more than 500 years.

Today we have finished these festivities. We want it to be clear to everyone that we have not used these gathering to promote the war. Inspite of the hostilities of the Mexican government forces, all of you have seen, we have done nothing but to call for a civil and peaceful struggle and we do have a responsible and serious attitude.

We want to publicly thank our brothers and sisters of the artistic caravan that has lived with us these couple of days. We want to thank them for sharing with us their cultural works, and that they have learned thte true force of the EZLN: the indigenous communities of Chiapas and their word of national liberation.

We also want to thank all of our brothers and sisters of the national and iinternational civil society for their visit and for their suport in our building of these cultural centers and in the peace camps.

We eant to thank our Indigenous brothers and sisters from the different ethnicities that are contained in lands, for their work and sacrifice in the raising of these places of gathering in one same hope: DIGINITY.

The struggle has not ended. The EZLN has made a new call for the construction of a new political force,we ask all to reflect in their hearts to find the correct roead. We should continue ahead, without giving in, to the threats and hits, we can make a new country. It is our right and it is our duty.

Thank you brothers and sisters.
Long live the Indigenous dignity!
Long live the National and International Civil Society!
Long live the Zapatista Front for National Liberation!


From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,
Indigenous Clandestine Revolutionary Committee
--General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army
Mexico, January 1st of 1996


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