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The text of Class War number 73, the final issue of Class War explaining why the organisation decided to dissolve itself



An open letter to revolutionaries

The Party's Over ; The state of the left in the 1990's

Make your own tea ; Women's realm and other recipes and patterns

Getting Organised

Beyond the bullshit : In a galaxy far, far away

Five years on

Five years after the last Class War
Five years since the Class War Federation tried to encourage new developments in the anarchist movement by winding itself up M.H., who was involved in Class War at the time, asks what problems still remain for us and why.

Class War - still going five years on
In 1997, some members of the Class War Federation tried to wind the organisation up. They intended issue 73 of Class War to be the last. Not all members agreed with this in 1997 (the federation and paper still exist in 2003). Here, Paul Marsh of London Class War gives an altogether different account.

I welcome additional contributions from people involved in Class War before the 1997 split that are based on analysing the politics involved (rather then slagging off the personalities). Please email them to me with the subject "Class War split',


Report on the MayDay 98 conference

Review of the last Class war

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