Against War and Terrorism

The articles on this page are from the pamphlet Against War and Terrorism pubished as a PDF file in March 2002. This pamphlet was written by anarchists from four continents. You can read each individual article on the web or better yet download the PDF file of the pamphlet (which is 20 pages) and print it off. We strongly encourage you to print off multiple copies and distribute them locally as a way of starting discussion about the war, the need to oppose it and the need for a different economic, political and social system to that which has given rise to it.

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PDF file of Against War and Terrorism issue 2


  • Enduring war and popular mobilisation
  • Aftermath for Afghanistan
  • Empire in Central Asia
  • Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in the USA
  • Israel / Palestine is a war zone
  • The modern schizophrenia of Islamic integralism
  • Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism?


This booklet is a follow on from Against War and Terrorism Issue 1 which was published as a PDF booklet in October 2001. In this second issue (March 2002) we go into greater depth over a range of issues. We consider a better understanding of these issues to be essential in building a global anarchist movement.

If you haven't already done so it would probably be a good idea to read issue one as it provides a lot of the background to the articles contained in this issue. Many of the articles here assume this level of background knowledge on areas such as Islam, anarchism and anti-imperialism which Issue 1 provided.

As with the previous issue these articles represent the views of the individual authors alone who are currently living in Europe, the USA and the 'Middle East'.

The articles to be found in Issue 1 can be read or downloaded from

Aftermath for Afghanistan
Why the Taliban were defeated so easily and what has been happening in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliaban.

Empire in Central Asia
Imperialist rivalry in the Caspian Region based around exploitation of it's resources of oil and gas and principally centred on the different costs and benefits from various pipeline projects.

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in Time of War in the United States
The suppression of civil rights during the war in the US is part of a long history of such suppressions. This time while officially opposing Anti-Arab and anti-Muslim lynchings the state committed itself to a policy of profiling and discriminating against Muslims and Arabs - from above.

Enduring war and popular mobilisation
The war has already seen a sizeable anti-war movement develop. It is important we take a long term perspective and realise long wars are dangerous for states.

Israel / Palestine is not a nice place to live in - it is a war zone
An Israeli anarchist looks at the growing opposition to the occupation and why it has developed. Includes the statement The occupation continues, the occupation will continue, is there any solution

The modern schizophrenia of Islamic integralism
To understand the ideology of Islam it is critical to understand that the prophet-merchant Muhammad was beyond anything else the founding father of worldly empires

Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism?
We reproduce a key 1981 essay on Islamic fundamentalism by the Middle Eastern radical writer Lafif Lakhdar. This is a detailed materialist history of the development of Islamic archaism up to the Iranian revolution.

PDF file of Against War and Terrorism issue 2

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