Fine Gael leader Micheal Noonan gets pie in face

Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:15:11 +0100

12.30 PM Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Just after noon today, Fine Gael leader Micheal Noonan, received what must have been a much needed sweet+sloppy snack, courtacy of a kindly custard thrower, as he shook the hands of local people in Boyle, county Roscommon.

Agent AnonyMousse said of the incident:

"I was trying to enjoy the sun, when the Noonan-Mobile rolled into town. People scurried; cameras clicked, and as the Noonan entourage oiled their way around the front of the bus, shaking hands and pocketing envelopes, I made my way around the back, emptying my carton of custard into a paperplate. I wondered would I recognise him, but the huge face-filled coach helped me there. I rounded the bus, and walked straight to Noonan and smeared the dripping plate of custard all across his face, and ran."

It seems politicians have cause for alarm in the North West, where experts wonder if this could become an e-pie-demic...

Agent AnonyMousse:

"They're all the same to me, a sinister bunch of clowns, mocking us with their election circus".

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