You don't have to choose sides

The New Millennium is only a few months old and yet we return again to the recurring pattern of the last millennium and century - Mass Warfare against innocent civilians. We were promised a New World Order of peaceful coexistence after the Gulf War, but where is it? When will we learn that the only war that will stop all wars is the Class War - when all oppressed people join together to fight a common enemy. Do you think bombing Afghanistan will stop future wars? Of course not. Do you think that bombing Afghanistan will prevent future acts of terrorism? No, the policy of bombing Afghanistan will not prevent future acts of terrorism. The only thing that will prevent future wars is the removal of global poverty, the ending of ignorance and the promotion of tolerance. Bombs are no solutions to the problems of Afghanistan, or to larger global problems of poverty.

The events on September 11th will be burned on to the memories of the millions of people around the world who witnessed them, either in person or more likely, through television. We unreservedly denounce the WTO attack as a despicable terrorist action against civilians.

As anarchists, but more fundamentally, as human beings, we deplore the events of September 11th. The meaningless death of so many innocent people in such a tragic event can only be condemned. However we want to make sure that any response to these horrific attacks should not inflict more terror on yet more innocent people. We don't want to see the slaughter of September 11 replicated and continued by America and her allies.

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The choice that the mainstream media are presenting to us seems to be between the U.S. led war and Bin Ladan's terrorism. In reality there isn't much difference between the two choices - either support Bush's large scale terrorism or support Bin Ladan's terrorism. Both terrorism and modern warfare is something that is inflicted upon civilian populations. WWII is a prime example. Non-military targets such as London and Dresden were 'blitzed' and the use of nuclear weapons against the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more than 192,500 in a matter of seconds. All wars kill civilian, it's just that modern wars specialise in civilian mass murder - and this is the warfare carried on against the Afghan people at the moment.


The idea that you have to choose between Bush and Bin Laden is a false one. Despite what Bush says you don't have to support either the bombings in New York or US air strikes on civilians. We oppose completely the murder of all civilians, Afghanis or Americans. We oppose the attempted dehumanisation of casualties, whether it is by calling them 'infidels' or 'collateral damage'. We also reject the idea that being anti-war somehow makes us anti-American. If we protest outside the U.S embassy its because we oppose that government's foreign policy, not because of some vague national hatred. If the Taliban wanted to use Shannon as a base to attack American you can be sure that we would oppose such action completely. WE OPPOSE ALL CAPITALIST AND RELIGIOUS WARS.


During the Gulf War we were repeatedly told what a tyrant Sadamm Hussein was - of course before the Gulf War Sadamn was useful to western capitalist interests so he could gas Iraqi people without the western powers intervening. Supposedly part of the Allied plan for Iraqi was for Iraqi citizens to rise up and overthrow Sadam. When the Kurds and 'Marsh Arabs' tried this they were mercilessly shot down by elite helicopter Republican Guards. Even though Iraq was supposedly a no fly zone. It turns out that 'stability' rather than democracy was the Allied preferred option for Iraq, and this stability cost many people their lives. The United States, with the compliance of other states, ignored popular rebellion in the hope of some General staging a coup d'etat - dictatorship and repression preferred to democracy. Now the UN - under United States direction - imposes sanctions, which are responsible for the deaths of over half a million Iraqi children but which leave the Iraqi despot and his military intact and unaffected, but leaves the ordinary people of Iraqi hungry and in need of medical supplies.

Time and again Western imperialists have manipulated Islamic fundamentalists and Middle Eastern politics for their own ends. Bin Laden, the Taliban and the Jihad groups were funded by the CIA to fight the USSR at the same time as Sadam Hussein was being backed in his pointless and bloody war against fundamentalist Iran. The Israeli government originally funded religious fundamentalist, Hamas, so as to undermine the secular influenced PLO.


The Taliban in Afghanistan is a totalatarian organization, forcing non-Muslims to wear yellow tags, just as the Nazi's forced anarchist and socialist political prisoners to wear red triangles. Taliban are guilty of continually ignoring human rights. Banning girls from a basic education, and denying women the ability to earn a living, forcing many to beg and many to starve. The Taliban have also murdered people who choose their own sexual partners.


The 'War for Freedom' is also being fought in the West, mainly by restricting people's rights and civil liberties. A raft of anti-terrorist legislation has passed through the European Parliament and will be adopted by all member states. Existing legislation already limits the right to protest and anything further can only be an attack on freedom of speech. Left wing / Trade Union protests / pickets are bound to be the first things affected. Since September 11th (and even since Genoa) we've seen an increased willingness on the behalf of Gardai to attack and arrest protestors - Car Free Day, arrests and savage baton charges on the anti-Private Public Partnership protest and people being arrested for crossing the road on anti-war demos. It all points to the idea that someone in the Department of (in)Justice has decided to let the guards off their leash to attack and harass anybody who does not follow passively behind the establishment interests.


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[PDF file of this leaflet for you to download, print out and distribute]