Research on the European Union

These are articles from Ireland and elsewhere that we found useful in understanding what the problems with the corporate EU agenda are. If you want to understand what is going on they are a good place to start.


Germany's refugee politics and its deadly consequences: 1993 to 2003
Anti Racist Initiative Berlin annual report documenting deaths and injuries of refugees, in more than 3,400 individual cases, that resulted directly and indirectly from Germany's refugee policy

"Nothing is true, nor is it a lie?"
a powerful and moving essay on the indifference of Europe to dead migrants whose lives end on Spain's beaches

EU planning joint expulsion flights
The Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union is pressing ahead with plans for the collective expulsion of refugees and asylum-seekers

Sweatshops, unions and Fortress Europe
The EU is continuing the exploitation of the people of North Africa through creating a special trade zone of some of the North African countries similar to the free trades zones North America has created in Mexico.

Murdered by Fortress Europe
The discovery of the bodies of 8 asylum seekers in a container in Wexford in late November shocked everyone. For those concerned with the plight of asylum seekers the deaths were not only a disaster waiting to happen but just the latest instalment in an ever grosser tale of human misery and exploitation

Drowned, suffocated and beaten to death - 'Fortress Europe' - legalised murder [2000]
These are the victims of 'Fortress Europe' - the human cost of a policy which places the needs of capital over the rights of people. In fact over 2063 people have died in and around the European Union since 1993 as a result of the anti-refugee policies of governments across Europe.

Fortress Europe pulls up the drawbridge
The essence of globalisation is mobility, but now it is clear that true mobility is to be limited to money and the global elite that manipulates it.

Fortress Europe and the effects of the Nice Treaty
If the Nice treaty allowed the imposition of sanctions on third world countries if they refused to cooperate with "migrant management", to be passed by qualified majority voting.

Spain in hi-tech war on immigrants
Immigrant pressure groups in Spain say that 4,000 people have drowned on the crossing in the past five years

EU splits on linking aid to action on migration
At Seville EU governments split over the proposal to suspend financial assistance to developing countries which fail to crack down on people-smugglers and take back their own nationals. Because the old decision making methods were still in force the proposal was vetoed. If the Qualified Majority proposals of Nice were active it would have passed!

Asylum crisis hyped in Europe, says UN
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said the number of refugees entering Europe had fallen by almost 50 per cent over the past decade.

Big Brother

"the war on freedom and democracy"
an analysis of the effects on civil liberties and democratic culture in the EU

EU: Exchanging information on terrorists or protestors?
The same Working Party has already agreed on a standard form to exchange data on real terrorists. So why is this measure necessary?

EU takes another step down the road to 1984, see also part 2 of this report

EU biometric passport proposal exceeds the EC's powers
"no powers conferred upon the EC by the EC Treaty, taken separately or together, confer upon the EC the power to adopt the proposed Regulation "

EU security research agenda
List of "personalities" includes eight multinational companies

E.U. Surveillance of Telecommunications
The E.U. have accepted an amendment to a directive on accepting data retention and surveillance by the law enforcement agencies

The Nice treaty and the extension of police powers
Given the growing spying by EU police on globalisation activists and the oppression of immigrants the is reason to be concerned by the extension of police power in Nice

Neoliberalism and privitisation

"Better Regulation": For Whom?
EC Prepares to Dismantle Business Regulation and Expand Corporate Control

GATS: Undermining Public Services Worldwide
The European Commission is trying to expand GATS to as many sectors as possible, working closely with the European Services Forum to champion the interests of the European services industry.

Why does Article 133 matter?
Bin Collection, Aer Rianta, An Post, CIE, FAS, Bord Failte, ESB - all of these bodies have their futures discussed at the Article 133 meetings. When we want to know what's behind 25% of bus routes being introduced, or the push behind service charges we HAVE to think about these meetings

Why are Article 133 Committee meetings not made public?
International trade negotiations affect all aspects of our lives, and are therefore a matter of public interest. We think they should be open to scrutiny by citizens and public representatives alike

Leaked Confidential Documents Reveal EC's Neoliberal GATS Agenda
The leaked documents show that the European Union intends to ask all WTO member states to open up the water sector (including water collection, purification, distribution and wastewater treatment) and energy for international competition

The Nice Treaty and globalisation
A look at the corporate agenda behing the Nice treaty and in particular at Article 133

The Cunning Bully - EU Bribery and Arm-twisting at the WTO
September 2003 - This report, written by Fatoumata Jawara and co-published by CEO and TNI, documents the EU's systematic use of inappropriate tactics inside the WTO

EU, Globalisation and the Seville Protests
How the EU is a motor for globalisation and how its decision effect Irish workers.

The Lisbon Strategy
The Lisbon Agenda specifically targets "gas, electricity, postal services and transport" for privitisation. The Irish governments official EU website declares "The Lisbon strategy is a major priority for the Irish Presidency"

Who really runs the show?

Discount Davos: the European Business Summit 2002
According to the organisers, the EBS is the "most important European dialogue between leading business people and policy makers" No less than eight Commissioners participated in debates.

The European Roundtable of Industrialists and the Lisbon Agenda
The European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT), representing the largest transnational corporations in Europe, continues to book disturbing successes in its strive for a sweeping neoliberal restructuring of European societies.

From Lisbon to Stockholm: The ERT Evaluates 'Progress' in Neoliberal Reforms
The ERT works hard to ensure that reluctant EU governments do not step back from implementing sweeping deregulation and privatisation commitments made in Lisbon.

In Defence of the Roundtable
Former ERT Boss Evaluates Ten Years in EU Corporate Politics

European Business Summit (EBS): Consolidating Corporate Power
1,000 of Europe's business leaders and officials from EU institutions gathered in Brussels for yet another high profile corporate get-together.The conference centre itself was a veritable fortress surrounded by razor wire barricades and a small army of Belgian police.

ICC steps up counter-campaign against critics of corporate-led globalisation
The ICC leadership presented their 'New Europe' vision, in which democracy is subjected to the disciplines of financial markets and where competitiveness is the leading principle of policy-making.

Other information sources

The official Irish presidency site
All wrapped up and made pretty by the southern Irish government

Monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union

European Round Table of Industralists
Striaight from the horses mouth. The organisation of 40 top industralists behind the direction of the EU

Corporate Europe Observer

Campaign against the Europe of Capital
Spanish language resource

Nice Referendum results

Alone in the EU the people of southern Ireland got to vote on the Nice treaty. When we returned the wrong vote the first time around we were sent back to do it right the second time!

Oct 2002 Turnout 49.47% - Yes 62.89% - No 37.11%

Constituency breakdown

June 2001 Turnout 34.79% ( Electorate: 2,867,960 - Total Poll: 997,826) - Yes ( 453,461) No ( 529,478) Spoilt (14,887)

Constituency breakdown

EU Protests elsewhere

Report of EU summit Copenhagen protests
In December protests were held at the EU summit in Copenhagen

The Seville 2002 EU summit protests [with photos]
An Irish anarchist reports from the European Summit protests in Seville

The Barcelona Breakthrough
Lessons from the largest ever demonstration against corporate globalisation in Europe

From Barcelona to Seville
Time was when an EU summit was every leader's wet dream. But not any more. The EU summit in Barcelona over the 9 to the 16 of March saw between 250,000 and 600,000 people take to the streets!

The media coverage of the Nice treaty demonstrations
You may remember the news being dominated for several nights by coverage of the European Summit in Nice. An endless stream of politicians and political experts offered us their opinions on what new voting arrangements might be introduced. You might even be aware that there was some opposition on the streets of Nice to the summit, on December 7th most TV news items started with brief footage of a bank being set on fire

Battle starts outside European summit in Nice [In French] [In Italian]
Mainstream press sites and the wire services are carrying reports that battles have broken out between the protesters in Nice and the riot police guarding the European Summit.

Libertarians Against Nice treaty
LAN fought the campaign on many fronts. From Limerick to Louth, Kinsale to Kildare, Dundalk to Donegal the battle raged. Even in Dublin we put up a fight. 50,000 (count 'em) leaflets were distributed, hundreds of posters of various types went up.

'Libertarians against Nice' launched
LAN is a network of groups and individuals across Ireland campaigning against the Nice treaty from a libertarian perspective

Fighting Nice and Getting involved (report on 1st referendum)
The ruling class got an almighty slap in the face when we voted to reject the Nice Treaty. The Workers Solidarity Movement and other anarchists campaigned for a 'no' vote

The unemployed are on the march [1997]
A European March against Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Exclusion has been called by a wide coalition of unions, unemployed and political groups. Eleven separate legs of the march will arrive in the centre of Amsterdam on the afternoon of June 14th, to coincide with a European Union Inter-governmental Conference

Vote No to Maastricht [1992]
"Fortress Europe" seeks to unite the European bosses and workers against the peoples of the rest of the world. Integration means a tightening of immigration controls. The Maastricht treaty in particular covers two other things besides monetary union. It is these that determine how we will vote. These are the questions of European defence and the Protocol.

The cost of MEP's
The cost to the public for each sitting MEP for one year is in the order of ¤1,300.000

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An anarchist response to Ireland on Sunday
Feb 8th, Ireland on Sunday published a scare story about anarchism and the forthcoming EU protests. Below is a reply

Maps of Ireland
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