Preparing for street demonstrations

What are my legal rights?

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has recently produced the second (updated) version of their informative booklet called "Know Your Rights". You can download this at their website in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (click here to download it). It contains information on a wide variety of issues, relating to arrest, searches, legal rights, powers of detention, etc in Ireland and is worth reading to familiarise yourself with your civil liberties in Ireland.

To bring on the day

We have also produced our own bust cards and legal info for the day. Everyone should download these and bring them along.

Preparing for street demonstrations

As we have said above in the call for people to participate in the actions, everyone is welcome to join in regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or background. We respect diversity, and people from the Grassroots Dublin Network will also respect people's decisions regarding which level of action they want to pursue. All choices will be accomodated in every environment - we will be looking out for everyone and making sure that those who want to observe from a safe zone will be protected.

We reccommend that everyone intending on coming to Dublin during the EU presidency inform themselves of personal safety and security for street demonstrations. There is a wealth of information on the internet about this, here are some links below that will help you to get started.

An Activist's Guide To Basic First Aid
A list of gear to bring
The Black Cross Medical Collective
Protect yourself against Baton Charges & Police Tactics
Protect yourself against Tear Gas
Protect yourself against Pepper Spray