Disbanded anarchist groups

These pages list documents by anarchist groups that no longer exist and various histories and analysis of these groups and where they went wrong. It is intended to help anarchist organisations today avoid making the same mistakes but to also make the best work of these organisations available.

Anarchist Workers Group - The British group effectively disbanded in 1992 after a brief but controversial existence. They published Socialism from Below

Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists - This British group existed in the 1970's and published the excellent Libertarian Communist Review

Class War - At the Nottingham conference in March 1997 Class War formally split. 60% of those there wanted to wind up the organisation and published a 'final issue' linked above explaining why and giving their analysis of Class War and the left. 40% decided to continue Class War and have published additional issues since.

Organise! - IWA - Irish section of the IWA which dissolved in the summer of 1999

Workers Solidarity Federation - South African group which dissolved in October 1999

Solidarity - British group that existed in 1960's and 1970's

Introduction to the Anarchist Communist Association - I know nothing about this group but have been told that "that they came about as a result in a split in the late 70s within the Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists, which also produced the Anarchist Workers Association"



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