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The Anarchist Workers Group existed in Britain from 1988 to 1992 when it changed its name to Socialism from Below and then disintegrated. It was born out of a split from the Direct Action Movement, led a controversial existence and when it fell apart a few of its leading members ended up in various Trotskyist groups. Because the AWG identified with the Platform this has unfortunately been used in Britain to smear the ideas of the Platform itself. This page is articles from the AWG and analysis of why they fell apart in the way they did. Please note that the reproduction of these articles here does not necceseraly mean I endorse their contents.

Articles by the Anarchist Workers Group

From Socialism from Below, Issue 1 (1989)

From Socialism from Below, Issue 2 (Spring 1990)

From Socialism from Below, Issue 3 (Autumn 1990)

Socialism from Below, Issue 4

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Analysis of the Collapse of the AWG


Other disbanded anarchist groups

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