Translation of articles by Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta

This page contains unabridged translations of some articles by Errico Malatesta, written between 1920 and 1932, when Malatesta died, and never translated before into English. These translations can be regarded as a complement to the 24 articles contained in the book "The Anarchist Revolution. Polemical Articles 1924-1931" (Freedom Press, 1995). The present collection witnesses Malatesta's intellectual courage and open-mindedness, his non-conformism, even with respect to ideas commonly assumed among anarchists, and his honesty in acknowledging problems and seeking workable solution. We believe these articles contain ideas and suggestions of great value for present anarchists. Excerpts of these articles have been previously translated in the book "Malatesta: Life and Ideas" (Freedom Press, 1993), compiled and edited by Vernon Richards. In such cases, Richards' excerpts have been used and integrated in the present translation.

Table of contents

These translations were done by Davide Turcato <> in 1999.

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