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Muppet of the Week, part 2
George Monbiot strikes again with a wonderfully self-contradictory article which agrees with the right by calling free market capitalism "libertarian."

On the Bolshevik Myth
A reply to a trotskyist attack on the Makhnovists. Corrects some of the many distortions.

Nicolas Sarkozy: A mandate for class war
An analysis of the French 2007 Presidental election results and whether Sarkozy can do a Thatcher or not.

Bakunin: The Creative Passion
A review of Mark Leier's excellent new biography of Bakunin.

Stop panic in the City -- abolish capitalism!
An analysis of what the finance markets actually do and a call to get rid of the whole mad system.

What a fucking moron!
On George Bush's sad attempt to bolster support for his war by comparing it to Vietnam.

George Monbiot: Muppet of the week!
Why George Monbiot's comparision of anarchism with neoliberalism is nonsense

Pinochet: Dead at last
Another evil dictator is dead, plus an overview of why the so-called Chilean miracle was no such thing.

It is not about the oil, honest...
Some interesting recommendations from the Iraq Study Group -- do not expect any withdrawal soon.

Being wrong is no hindrance when you empower the rich
Milton Fridman has died. Few will miss him and his fatally flawed economics

The end of Black Flag?
Black Flag is having a rest. How long for depends on you!

And this year's Nobel prize for economics goes to… Karl Marx!
How rehashing some very old ideas by the critics of capitalism can win you the (non-)Nobel prize

Bush and Blair should join Saddam
Saddam's death penalty was unsurprising but the imperialists do not have the moral high ground.

Mind the Gap!
British bosses now earn 98 times the average worker. Why? Because of their monopoly of power in the workplace.

Lenin would be proud!
On New Labour's Orwellian plans for local democracy...

At long last...
Capitalism has finally caught up with the anarchist warnings on ecological problems. Shame it does not have a solution

Vermont elects America's first socialist senator
A few comments on this unusual event in the 2006 mid-term elections.

The Hypocritical Alliance
Why asking the right-wing Libertarian Alliance to leave the Anarchist Bookfair was the right thing to do. They are not libertarians.

And this week's reason America is in Iraq is...
Apparently it does have something to do with oil
after all!

Inequality in the UK
A short collection of facts.


Sacrifices are required to appease Capital, says Bank of England...
The head of the Bank of Rngland being very honest about his role in the class war, plus why the use of NAIRU in crushing labour

655,000 Dead in Iraq since Invasion
The latest report on the numbers killed in the imperialist invasion of Iraq.

File under "Sherlock, No Shit"
US spies have discovered the obvious fact that Bush's war has increased terrorism, so destroying his usual line on Iraq.

The roots of "privatisation"
How the Nazi's invented the term and pratice of privatisation.

Bush's caliphate
Yet again, on Bush's nonsense on Iraq as the main front on the "War on Terror"

New Labour? No Danger!
On why the CBI has no need to fear New Labour listening to the unions (and why does the TUC bother inviting Labour politicians?)

Ah, the irony…
On the hidden history of the American Legion and the ironies of the Bush Islamofascism theme.

Every cloud has a sliver lining…
Trust the Bush Junta to turn bad pay news into good...

Ignorance or Lies?
Can the SWP not write anything accurate about anarchism? No, as Mike Gonzalez's new book "A Rebel's Guide to Marx" shows

Murray Bookchin (1921-2006)
A few comments on Murray Bookchin, who died in July 2006. An important, but flawed, anarchist thinker.

The Spanish Revolution: 70 Years On
An overview of the Spanish Revolution -- what happened and what is says about anarchism.


New Labour, New Scoundrels
New Labour want to teach "traditional British values" in school. What utter nonsense

John Kenneth Galbraith, RIP
A few words on one of the world's better economists who died in April 2006

Capitalism: State intervention for the rich
A short review of new free e-book on the kind of state intervention the right, and, capitalism, takes for granted.

French lessons for neo-liberal America
Why the French young workers were right to stop neo-liberalist employment policies.

Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel
An excellent biography about one of the great Italian-American anarchists of the 20th century.

The Values Presidency?
Bush is saying nice things about Azerbaijan's dictatorship. It has a lot of oil. Put two and two together...


An Anarchist FAQ, David Friedman and Medieval Iceland
A reply to David Friedman's criticism of section F.9 of "An Anarchist FAQ" In a nutshell, to err is human..

An Anarchist critique of Anarcho-Statism: Or refuting "anarcho"-capitalism by means of "anarcho"-capitalism
A shortist critique of "anarcho"-capitalist claims to be a form of anarchism

.Kronstadt 1921: the end of the Bolshevik Myth
A discussion of the Kronstadt revolt, what it means and a critique of Bolshevik lies about it. Written to mark the 85th anniversary of the crushing of the rebellion.

Yet more "bad apples"?
Why the Iraqi abuse video shows that the problem is systemic in imperialism and the state.

Don't tell Blair...
A company is tagging workers in Ohio. A door which should not be opened for bosses or governments.

Resist ID cards!
To stop ID cards being introduced in Britain we need to use direct action, not rely on politicians

A Friend of Democracy?
The US response to the Hamas election victory shows how nothing has changed in US foreign policy.

Double standards a-go-go!
New year, new war? The Iraq WMD farce has not stopped Bush and Blair attacking Iran using the same arguments. And the media plays along...

Objective journalism at its best
Media Lens is a UK based organisation applying Chomsky's "Propaganda Model" to the UK media, with great results.

State terrorism in action
The US states kills civilians in Pakistan and no one really objects. What it says about the morality of the state.

Voltairine De Cleyre: Her revolutionary ideas and legacy
A long review of three books by and about one of the leading anarchists in America. It discusses her evolution from individualist to communist anarchism. Along the way it explains why "anarcho"-capitalism is not anarchist. For my daughter. Fiona Lucy.

Pension Hypocrisy
The bosses are attacking public sector workers' pensions. Oh, the hypocrisy of their laments of a "two-tier" system!

Iraq: The same old Bush bollocks
Bush tries to bolster support for his occupation by repeating the same old nonsense.

A rebellion on the details, not the principle
MPs rejection of Blair's demand for 90 day internment shows that they cannot be relied upon to defend civil liberties -- only the people can.

Add one more war crime to the list
The US has been using chemical weapons in Iraq -- Saddam would be proud.

Capitalism at work: decades of stagnant wages
Real wages in the US are still less than for years ago. What this decades long stagant of wages says about capitalism and its economics.

Iraq: Sovereignty in Action
The Iraqi President shows how much sovereignty his country really has.

Bush Junta says torture is okay -- as long as they do it.
Yet more on the evil and hypocrisy of the Bush regime.

The Ballots and the bullets
A few words on the passing of the Iraqi Constitution and why the insurgency will continue to grow.

70 years of capitalist progress?
How republicians think its okay for US workers to receive a minimum wage 35% lower than those in the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The means shape the ends
Why David Blunkett resigning shows the validity of anarchist arguments against political action.

Crazy Cleric strikes again
Some one should tell Pat Robertson about "Thou shalt not kill".

The Joys of Democracy
Yet again, Iraqis are asked to brave death to vote, this time for a constitution shaped by their occupiers, which they have not read and which can be changed at will by politicians.

Incapacity benefit: lies, damned lies and statistics
New labour are attacking people on Incapacity Benefit. Find out why people are on it in the first place and what it says about neo-liberalism and unemployment

Not putting their money where their mouths are...
Not only won't they fight for their war, the right will not even pay for it.

Why bother?
A few notes on the 2005 Labour Party conference. Why do people bother going? And the expulsion of a heckler shows the real purpose of anti-terrorism laws.

Anarchy in New Orleans?
Exposing a few myths about what happened in New Orleans and why it has nothing to do with anarchy.

The real looting of New Orleans begins
How the right are using the destruction caused by Katrina to transfer yet more monies to corporate America and to impose their ideology.

Letter to Anarchy on bob Black and Platformism
A reply to Bob Black's letter in Anarchy in which I correct Black's basic mistakes and show that he really should read what people write.

Letter to Anarchy on bob Black and Platformism
longer (and unsent) reply to Bob Black's letter in Anarchy covering the same ground but in more depth.

Rewriting history to defend failure
Blair denied denying a link between the London bombs and Iraq. Not the only case of him rewriting history...

The withdrawal of Israel from Gaza is a step towards consolidating the occupation of the West Bank, not peace.

Capitalism and Freedom
The NLRB in America has approved a contract which stops workers meeting after working hours. Yet another example of the autocracy at the heart of capitalism

For Workers' Power
A lengthy review of the excellent new collection of Maurice Brinton's work.

Niger: Yet another capitalist famine
Now the market and neo-liberalism has caused the famine in Niger, not nature.

Changing our way of life
On Blair's new "anti-terrorist" policies and how, if we believe his rhetoric, he is doing the terrorists work for them by changing our way of life.

V for Very Annoying
Looks like the movie of "Ve for Vendetta" is butchering the book. No anarchy, no wonder Alan Moore has disowned it.

One less shit in the world
The founder of the fascist BNP has died. What a shame.

We have always been at war with Eurasia
On Blair denying the obvious links between his own policies in Iraq and 7/7 as well as his rewriting of why we invaded Iraq in the first place.

The Cost of War
The human cost of war and why the Iraqi Body Count figure of 25,000 dead does not contradict the Lancet's100,000

The Bush Junta: the Few Bad Apples
The facts are emerging that prove that the US torture in Iraq was not the product of a few people at the bottom. What a surprise

Oil well that ends well
What a surprise, the Iraqi government is planning to lease its oil fields to international oil companies.

Against Terrorism! Against Imperialism!
On the London bombings of 7/7

Say no to ID cards
New Labour's biometric ID cards are a con and a step nearer a police state. The fact that in opposition Blair opposed them shows that the state shapes the politicians, not vice versa

Repeating history, when not rewriting it
An analysis of the SWP's post-election article, plus reminding them that Tom Mann was a syndicalist after becoming disgusted with the electoralism they have embraced.

Bush now willing to negotiate with 'terrorists'
The Bush Junta has admitted to negotiate with the insurgents they previously called terrorists. This shows that their imperial ambitions are in difficulty. Something Bush's speech showed.

"The Culture of Life" verses Profit
Guess what comes first? Republican's rehetoric on the "culture of life" or corporate interest?

Mission Unaccomplished (yet again)
Things are going from bad to worse in Afghanistan because of US imperial designs on Iraq. Not the first time that US imperialism has messed up that country...

Do they have no shame?
Leninists call their book published "Haymarket" after the Haymarket Martyrs and yet only stock books attacking anarchism! Muppets.

Sack the Secretary!
On the Downing Street Memos which prove that the Iraq war had been precided months before it started.

That was then, this is now...
Bush hates timetables for withdrawal. Except when Clinton was President...

The Two Souls of Democracy
An analysis of Tony Benn's Channel 5 programme of democracy.

Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice
A review of Rudolf Rocker's classic introduction to anarcho-syndicalism.

"If you are not cowards, kill me!"
A review of a book about anarchist heroine Louise Michel. Edited by a Marxist, it downplays her anarchism and reflect the usual Marxist ignorance of anarchism and the Paris Commune.

Inequality kills
Welcome to modern Britain, where the difference in life expectancy between the poorest and most affluent parts of the country is now wider than in Victorian times.

Yet more Bush Hypocrisy: This time it's the Sudan
The Bush Junta is changing line on genocide by dictatorial Sudan. Why? Intelligence sharing and oil. Scumbags.

Testing times
For a "damp squib," the controversy over the Attorney General's legal advice is pretty lively. The key issue is that in his 7 March legal advice, Lord Goldsmith said that if there was no second UN resolution authorising war against Iraq, there had to be 'hard evidence' of Iraqi 'non-compliance and non-cooperation' with its disarmament obligations.

Snippets on Iraq, Blair and the war.
Why the war was apparently legal because Blair said it was, on "democracy" in Iraq, the cost of war and why taxi drivers in Bagdad problemly won't get a tip taking people to the airport.

Now and Then
The SWP revised history somewhat on its coverage on the 15th anniversay of the Poll Tax Riot.

Movie News: V for Vendetta
Hopefully Alan Moore's classic novel about an anarchist superhero fighting a fascist state will be turned into a good movie. Probably not, though.

For war not back
A few words about the UK election. Time to spoil your ballot paper...

The new Pope
Meet the new Pope, even worse than the old one!

A tale of two atrocities
Comparing the reporting on Saddam's mass murder compared to the 100,000 killed by Bush and Blair.

No news is good news...
The US State Department is not printing its annual terrorism report. Why? because the number of terror attacks is at an all-time high. So much for Bush's "war on terror."

Incredible, but true
The FBI is censoring reports released under the Freedom of Information Act as disclosure harm the "personal privacy" of Osama bin Laden! What does Bush have to hide?

Just a coincidence?
The Bush Junta has just got $500 million to build bases in Iraq.

A modest proposal...
MG Rover's collapse exposes the ugly face of capitalism. Occupation to form a co-operative is the only libertarian solution

Not welcome Anywhere!
Bush gets booed at the Pope's funeral while in Iraq 300,000 protesters burn him in effigy. Only such mass protests backed up by direct action can end the occupation.

Deterring Democracy in Iraq
How the US has ensured that democracy in Iraq does not threaten its plans for the country.

People Power in Lebanon
On the protests in Lebanon and how Bush is not responsible for them.

Must try harder!
While the US is happy to attack its new "democratic" regime in Iraq for human rights abuses, it remains silent on its own.

Priorities and Hypocrisy
What Terri Schiavo tells us about the priorities and politics of the republicans.

What a coincidence!
The new Afghan government will allow the US to build permanent bases while the new Iraqi government is made up of previous US appointees. What are the chances of that happening?

On the Pope
Against the "great man" view of history, how the pope hardly ended Stalinism and why he was hardly a champion of freedom.

Democracy in Action?
Reports say that United Iraqi Alliance has abandoned its election promise to demand a timeline for U.S. withdrawal. Welcome to western-style democracy

Anarchism and Community Politics
An article summarising why anarchists reject electioneering and suggesting an alternative in the form of popular assemblies (from Black Flag no. 224, autumn/winter 2004)

On the road (block) to Freedom...
On the Iraqi elections, why Bush did not want them and how they will not end the occupation

Lost in Translation
Why did Bush cancel a "town-hall" meeting in Germany? Because the Germans refused to script it like the ones in America.

The Retreat from Liberty
Why we should oppose the new terror laws in the UK.

Target Iran?
Is Bush really insane enough to invade Iran?

Into the Memory Hole...
Iraq was not invaded to bring democracy to Iraqis so the war cannot be retroactively defended because of the recent (flawed) election.

The new Mercantilism
Why inflation is a code word for class struggle and how capitalism needs state action to survive.

Economising with reality
Why editorials in the Economist are ideologically driven, its support for Bush's plan to privatise social security being just one example.

If it's good enough for them...
Various short articles on the maddness which is our current system.

Told you so...
What is Bush up to?

Don't Mention the Reality
How Bush's coronation speech has nothing in common with reality or freedom.

Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction
A review of Colin Ward's good, but not prefect, new introduction to anarchism.

Meet the new boss, same as the old one
How Lula's government confirms the anarchist case against radicals using elections.

An analysis of how the 1905 Russian Revolution vindiated anarchism, not Marxism -- as well as combating a few Marxist myths about anarchism along the way..

The Weekly Worker, Anarchism and the 1905 Russian Revolution
A letter to the Weekly Worker explaining the real facts about anarchism and the general strike (among other things).

Leninists and anarchist history
An example of how Leninists rewrite history to exclude anarchists or references to anarchists

W stands for Wanker
Bush's reponse to the disaster in East Asia shows his real personality -- and the priorities of capitalism.

What a bunch of Muppets
Iraq is getting worse, so exposing the Bush Junta's incompetence (and ulteria motives).

The Salvador Option
The US is thinking about using death squads in Iraq. Obviously killing tens of thousands in Central America is considered a success.

Bush: Al Qaeda's best recruiter
The Bush Junta choice of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General shows (as usual) it is busy strengthening Al Qaeda.

Freedom, Iraqi style
How the use plan to turn Fallujah into a police state, with the aid of slave labour.

Fallujah: Liberation at work
On the civilian deaths in Fallujah.

It's official (again), no WMD in Iraq
No Iraqi WMD. Not to worry, as Bush would do it again knowing what he knows now. Remember 9/11 and don't think!

A few bad apples?
The AUCL gets a FBI memo which shows Bush approved the use of torture in Iraq (and elsewhere). The Bush Junta are the real "bad apples" responsible.

Taxing times
A series of shorts on the maddness of capitalism.=

Wall Street, altruism personified
It wants to lobby for privatising Social Security in the US and it won't make any money out of it! How generous!

What really happened in Spain?
This is a summary of the debate between anarchists and James Donald on what happened during the Spanish Revolution of 1936 and 1937. Contained in this file is a summary of James Donald's many postings on the subject during that debate.

Making a killing on your property
Children are not property and should not be used to further the agenda of chemical companies.

This is what democracy looks like?
On the US assault on Fallujah. Saddam would be proud.

Sick, sick, sick
A few short articles on the madness of capitalism

The reports of voting irregularies are increasing as job growth falls. Welcome to Bush's America.

Polls Apart
Comparing the response to the US and Ukrainian elections.
The irony of the Bush Junta using exit polls to attack the results in the former. If you are going to steal an election, use the Bush way -- the invisible hand of the market!

Never mind the ballots
A few comments on the US 2004 election. The real alternative is to be found in the streets and workplaces, not the ballot box.

100,000 plus dead. Mission Accomplished?
The latest figures of possible dead civilians in Iraq due to the war is shocking. With the so-called moral case for war on its last legs, why did it happen? The short answer, imperialism.

No shit, Sherlock!
So it is now official. Saddam had no WMD. So we went to war based on (effectively) Saddam's letter to Santa. Some ideas on how the anarchist media in the UK should develop. Plus a call for people to help out with Black Flag magazine.

Fantasy Politics
Is Bush back on the drink and drugs? How else can you explain his apparent new abode in fantasy island when it comes to Iraq? And Blair's almost as bad. From September 2004.

The Anarchist Media: Use it or Lose it
Lack of participation is, I fear, a common problem with anarchist journals and papers. While many people are happy to consume a product (in the shape of a paper or journal) and complain about what it does or does not carry, fewer seem to be willing to get involved in actually producing them

Gene Genie
GM grass spread a greater distance than had been found in previous studies. Not good. From September 2004.

Serfdom in Catalonia?
James Donald attempts to show how the CNT "enserfed" the peasants in Catalonia

Reign of Error
The continuing debate between anarchists and James A. Donald on what happened during the Spanish Civil War

Objectivity and Right-Libertarian Scholarship
Another reply to right-libertarian distortions on Spanish anarchism. While less in-your-face in terms of lies than Donald's work, it is still riddled with distortions and inaccuracies. Written in 1997 and subsequently revised.

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Archived articles by subject

On capitalism

Property is theft
Why the theft of over £4 million by a PA from the bank accounts of three financial high-flyers exposes the con at heart of capitalist economics.

Capitalism is losing its Barings?
Old article (early 1990s) on globalisation and what it means for social change.

Free Trade benefits all?
A short article from 1999 looking at growth in Brasil to see the effects of "globalisation"

After the New Economy
A review of Doug Henwood's excellent new book on the US bubble of the 1990's.

The economics of freedom
A review of a recent SolFed pamphlet on the anarcho-syndicalist alternative to capitalism.

Rising Inequality in the UK
And what we can do to stop it rising, like unionise and fight for your rights.

Defend the right to choose
The state should not force a woman to have a child. And a feminism which ignores class will not stop attacks on women's rights.


A Modest Proposal: Railways to the rail workers!
Neither privatisation nor nationalisation. For workers' self-management as the only real and effective alternative to both.

Fire Brigades Union severs link with Labour
And about time. Yet many trade unionists still see the need for a new political party rather than union independence as the way forward...

Wildcat fire strikes
Why the recent firefighters strikes should be supported by anarchists

It makes you sick
What Tesco's attack on the sickie says about capitalism.

The return of the wildcat
Workers at British Airways went on wildcat strike. This discusses the response of the "liberal" press to the action.

Building the new world...
On why anarchists should support co-operatives as a practical alternative to privitisation and nationalisation.

There is power in a union!
A few comments on anarchism and the labour movement, with some suggestions of what we should be doing to spread anarchist ideas in it.

On the Anti-Capitalist Movement:

Opps, they did it again...
The independents on Globalise Resistance have resigned over the way the SWP works. The only surprise is that they took so long to do so...

Clinton, workers' rights and reality
A short article written after the Seattle protests showing how direct action, not discussing "Labour standards" at the WTO, was the only way to improve workers' rights.

N30 in London
My experiences at the N30 demo in London. From 1999.

Authoritarians, vanguards and "anti-capitalist" movements
A critique of calls for the anti-capitalist movement to embrace Leninist forms of organising.

The Weekly Worker, Anarchists and Genoa
A critique of the Communist Party of Great Britain's analysis of the Genoa demonstrations and the part anarchists played in them.

A New Word in Our Hearts
A reply to the Weekly Worker's "After Gothenburg: Where now for anti-capitalism?"

Send in the Clowns...
An article on the Gothenburg anti-EU summit demos. Printed in edited form in Freedom.

And the protestors are missing the point?
An analysis of the Guardian's comments on the battle of Quebec.

Media May Day! Please send help...
An analysis of some of the media's comments on May Day 2002.

The Daily Maul
An account of the Daily Mail's coverage of May Day 2001.

New York, Black Blocs and the truth...
An article about the SWP's distortions about the Black Bloc at the New York anti-capitalist demos early in 2002.

Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?

I Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
II Socialism or Statism?
III Does it matter?
VI For a real anti-capitalism!

A pamphlet on the state capitalist and statist nature of Bolshevism which also explains the anarchist alternative. Also available in pdf format.

George Monbiot and Anarchism:

The war

On the new regime in Iraq and why Iraq is not "liberated" or "free." And how the US has taken over Saddam's role as the crusher of Shia revolts.

Wanker of Mass Destruction
The Butler report (surprise!) let Blair of the hook, in spite of the evidence that the case for war was a lie. However, Blair is not the cause, the system is.

Tear down the Wall!
The International Court of Justice has rightly ruled against Israel and has been ignored. As anti-imperialists, anarchists must call for the dismantling of the wall and the right of self-determination for the Palestinians. However, only a "no state" solution can ensure lastingpeace and self-determination for all.

The show trial begins
A few comments on the charges against Saddam, noting the hypocrisy and complicity of the west on almost every charge.

What's Iraqi for Newspeak?
On the farce of the transfer of "sovereignty" in Iraq.

The Moore the merrier
A short comment on the backlash against Michael Moore. If only people had been as concerned about fact-checking Bush and Blair!

And they all come tumbling down...
How the 911 commission has exposed yet another Bush Junta lie about Iraq, as has a recent opinion poll of Iraqis.

Free at last?
Iraq will not be free on June 30th. The UN has simply rewarded US imperialist aggression.

End the Occupation!
The pictures of US torture of Iraqi prisoners is yet more evidence that the occupation must end. And it's not a "few bad apples", it is systemic.

Mirror, Mirror
After the sacking of the Mirror editor, why not start sacking the lying politicians who invaded Iraq?

Destroying Iraq in order to save it
On the US attacks on Fallujah, the logic of occupation and how we can end it.

Iraq: the war continues
On the Shia revolt in Iraq. It must have put a damper any plans the US may have had to the mark the fall of Baghdad.

Lies, actually
Summarising some of the more obvious lies to justify the war which have been exposed recently.

Help wanted...
While the US finds it hard to get someone to be ambassador for Iraq, it is finding work for Saddam's old secret police -- in the new secret police!

No to all forms of Terrorism!
On the Madrid bombings. Written the day after the event and correctly doubts whether ETA was responsible.

Union busting, Iraqi style
Labour unions in "liberated" Iraq? You should know better!

Is the real reason for really an official secret?
Jay Garner, the former interim administrator of occupied Iraq shows that the real reason for the invasion is not so secret after all

Looking like a right tit
What Janet Jackson's breast tells us about the Bush White House. And why anyone believing the nonsense of the Bush Junta suffers from a massive failure of intelligence...

A Whiter shade of White
An article on the whitewash called the Hutton Report. Did not predict the extent of the backlash as it was written the day after it came out.

We were right all along
An overview of what has happened in Iraq, indicating that anarchist analysis and predictions have, sadly, been confirmed.

Kilroy-Silk is an idiot
A few comments on Kilroy-Silk's racist article on Arabs and why freedom of speech must be defended while combating bigotry.

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia...
On Rumsfeld revising history in September 2003 to deny he ever said the Iraqi's would welcome the US invasion with open arms.

Out by 20 years...
An analysis of Bush's 2004 "State of the Union" address. Exposes its hypocrisy and suggests it is even more Orwellean that we have come to expect from him.

Reaping the profits
On the Bush Junta's barring non-Coalition based companies from contracts in Iraq.

What a surprise!
A short piece on why lack of WMD protection of UK troops shows that either Blair is a liar or his is really evil.

What a surprise! (long version!)
On how the recent announcement that British troops invaded Iraq without WMD shows that Blair lies. Plus the Bush Junta's announcement that it would bar companies from non-Coalition states from tendering for Iraqi reconstruction contracts shows that plunder was the real reason.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
In spite of the lack of WMD in Iraq, corporations are making money out of the search for them.

The return of Mini-Me...
On how the US has replaced Saddam's dictatorship by its own.

The integrity of protest, the hypocrisy of power
A few comments on the rhetoric used by Bush and Blair before the latter's state visit to London in November. Why the protestors were right, in other words.

Why does he hate America?
Find out which unelected head of state urged terrorists to attack American troops.

Anarchism and War
A short article on the anarchist position on capitalist wars.

Babylon's Burning
The dossier is a side issue. The real issue is that the government lied to justify an illegal, immoral and imperialist war and that (most of) the media went along with the lies (as usual).

The "More Oil" Case for War
Text of a leaflet handed out on the September 2003 anti-occupation demos in London and Edinburgh.

Phoney Blair
Blair's backtracking after the war, from WMD to "WMD programmes."

Sale of the Century!
Live, from Iraq... On US plans for selling Iraq off to US corporations.

The lie of the land
On the Bush Junta's backtracking over Saddam's WMD. No lie is too extreme for these guys!

Dodgy dossiers, dodgier decisions
On the all-party foreign affairs committee deciding that Blair did not lie. Plus a few comments of the state of the UK anti-war and anarchist movements.

Weapons of Mass Disappearance
Why the lack of concern about finding Iraq's WMD by the US is the best evidence they did not exist.

Democracy in action?
A short discussion on US plans for Iraq, how it violates Bush's claims on aiming for Iraqi freedom and why statism harms real freedom and the diversity it needs and creates.

Who are the appeasers?
Did Bush invade Iraq in part to appease Bin Laden?

From the memory hole
Why attempts to downplay Iraq's WMD as the reason for war are rewriting history.

The power of morality
On the hypocrisy of the "moral" case for war.

And US Justice for all!
Short note on the hypocrisy of Bush's claim that he will bring those who kill Americans to justice. Unless the American is a peace protestor and the killers a US client state, of course.

Meet the new boss...
On the obvious fact that being subject to an occupying power does not equate to freedom. Particularly one which bans elections, censors the press and shots protestors.

Once more, with feeling...
A review of the nonsense on WMD used to justify the invasion of Iraq, and the post-Saddam rewriting of history.

A rose by any other name...
More on Iraq, exposing some of the "telling evidence" Bush and Blair inflicted on the world as a warning of the quality of what we can expect in future.

Hypocrisy a go-go!
A discussion of Tony Blair's attempts to explain his "moral case" for bombing the Iraqi people.

You cannot make this stuff up!
Various short pieces provoked by comments by politician's and the media on the current Gulf crisis

A missed opportunity
A discussion of what Paxman should have said to Blair! Has useful links to webpages debunking the "evidence" used to support the US/UK imperialist war.

The warm glow of liberty...
Comments on how sayng that the British state would use nuclear weapons against Saddam totally undermines Blair's "moral case" for war

Beating about the Bush
An analysis of Bush's speach at the American Enterprise Institute, bringing back a few facts from the Memory Hole.

From the Memory Hole
A blast from the past. Blair dismissing war on Iraq back when Arab support for bombing Afghanistan was on the agenda

Anarchy in Iraq?
A discussion on why media claims that the chaos in post-Saddam Iraq meant it was "anarchy" are incorrect.

Stopping the "coalition of the killing"
An article on why fighting capitalism at home is the basis for fighting imperialism abroad.

This is a war for liberty, so do want you are told!
On why "following orders" is no defence for Bush's troops either

Anarchy is not just for May Day!
A short introduction to the history of May Day, an analysis of the failings of the anti-war movement and a suggested solution.

Double-plus ungood
A short article on the British government's complaints about the media during the Iraqi war.

From the Memory Hole, part two
On Blair's lying and revising of history to justify war on Iraq.

Meet the new boss...
On what the pro-war lobby wants us to forget.

A tale of two statues
A discussion on the real symbolism of the US troops toppling of Saddam's statue.

Watch this space
Is Syria next? Jack Straw says no. But then Blair said no to Iraq to, as this article reminds us.

Voting, Voices and Verification
A short article on how Blair's actions during the run-up to the Iraq war proves the anarchist case that votes are not power.

What now?
Why real freedom in Iraq is unlikely.

Beating about the Bush
An analysis of Bush's talk at the American Enterprise Institute at the end of February outlining his plans for post-war Iraq.

War is Terrorism with a bigger budget
Why the excuses used to justify this war are false.

On Argentina:

Argentina, one year on
Article written for the anniversary of the Argentine revolt (appeared in Freedom).

From Riot to Revolution
An anarchist analysis of events in Argentina and how they could be developed towards a social revolution.

The hypocrisy of democratic capitalism...
A short exposure of capitalist dismissals of the popular assemblies in Argentina.

Argentina and the left
An analysis and critique of two Leninist accounts of popular self-organisation in the crisis in Argentina.

Anarchist History:

Spirit of Mayday

Reclaiming Mayday

4 page leaflet produced form Mayday 2004 in Britain. Three articles making up a general introduction to the anarchist origins of May Day and why we need to reclaim its anarchist spirit.

The Spirit of May Day
The Origins of May Day
Reclaiming the Labour Movement

[Download and print out the PDF version]

The Paris Commune
An essay on the Paris Commune of 1871 and its links and lessons for anarchism.

Reclaim May Day!
A history of May Day.

Text of a leaflet explaining the anarchist origins of May Day.

Spanish revolution

The Anarchists of Casas Viejas by Jerome R. Mintz
Review of the excellent book on the Casas Viejas revolt of 1933

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution (vol. 1) by Jose Peirats
Review of the best anarchist book on the Spanish Revolution

Wrong Steps: Errors in the Spanish Revolution by Juan Garcia Oliver
Review of a pamphlet containing the section from Oliver's 1978 autobiography on the events of July 1936

What Nightmares! What Dreams?
A review of the Spanish Civil War exhibition "Dreams + Nightmares" at the London Imperial War Museum.

We, the Anarchists: A Study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI)
1927-1937 A review of Stuart Christie's new book on the FAI.

On Bakunin:

The Revolutionary Ideas of Bakunin
An introduction to Bakunin's ideas to mark the 190th anniversary of his birth. Find out why he is still worth reading today.

Bakunin and the Invisible Legions, revisited
Lengthy article on Bakunin's "invisible dictatorship." How Marxists quote out of context to smear his ideas and anarchism in general.

Will the real Bakunin please stand up?
Reply to the British SWP's distortions about the father of anarchism

A few comments on "Bakunin's Statism and Anarchy: A review by Chris Gray"
A critique of Chris Gray's review of Bakunin's "Statism and Anarchy."

A reply to Louis Proyect's "A Marxist Critique of Bakunin": Or "how not to critique anarchism."
A lengthy critique of a particularly bad Marxist attack on Bakunin.


Kronstadt 1917-1921: The Fate of a Soviet Democracy
Review of Israel Getzler's excellent book on red Kronstadt. Essential reading for anyone interested in combating Bolshevik myths about the uprising of 1921.

What is Anarchism?
A review of Alexander Berkman's classic introduction to Communist-Anarchism. A highly recommended book.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Review of the excellent book by Greg Palast. This is what journalism should be like!

"How Revolutions must not be made" -- and the alternative
A review of two recent reprints of anarchist classics: Emma Goldman's "My Disillusionment in Russia" and a collection of Peter Kropotkin essays called "Anarchism." Both are essential reading for anarchists today.

The Anarchism of Jean Grave
A review of a disappointing book about the French Anarchist Jean Grave.

George Orwell: A Life in Pictures
A review of BBC2's innovative documentary about Orwell's life and work.

Instant Karma
Why this year's Eurovision result implies the necessity for anarchist revolution.

Basic Bakunin
A short review of the Anarchist Federation's excellent pamphlet on Bakunin.

Divided by time, united by hope
A review of Naomi Klein's new book "Fences and Windows" and "Three Strikes," a collection of three articles on the US labour movement.

"The ecstasy of resistance"
A review of "On Fire: The Battle of Genoa and the anti-capitalist movement"

The Spanish Civil War by Antony Beevor
Review of one of the best histories of the Spanish Civil War.

Workers Against Lenin: Labour Protest and the Bolshevik Dictatorship
An excellent book on working class protest and struggle in Russian from 1920 to 1922.

The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War by Robert Alexander
Review of the two volume work on the role of the anarchists in the Spanish Revolution

City of Darkness, City of Light by Marge Piercy
Review of Piercy's great novel set in the French Revolution

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
Lengthy review of an excellent exposure of the nature and effects of the fast food industry

How we shall bring about the revolution by Emile Pataud and Emile Pouget
Review of the French syndicalist revolutionary utopian novel.

Evolution and Environment by Peter Kropotkin
Review of volume 11 of The Collected Works of Peter Kropotkin, which includes his classic "Modern Science and Anarchism."

Freedom Fighters by Joao Freire
Review of a book on the role of Anarchist Intellectuals, Workers and Soldiers in Portugal's History

Anarchy: A Graphic Guide
A short review of Clifford Harper's excellent introduction to anarchism

My Granny Made me an Anarchist
A review of volume one of Stuart Christie's autobiography

General Franco made me a 'Terrorist'
Review of volume 2 of Stuart Christie's excellent autobiography.

On the Labour Party

Say no to ID cards
The new excuses for introducing IDs are nonsense. Blair government is spinning the Madrid bombings to justify their authoritarianism.

Money talks...
Some light is shed on Blair's meetings with big business. A truly listening government.

Tough on Blair. Tough on the causes of Blair
On why Blair's justifications for war are nonsense and why the focusing on Blair by some parts of the anti-war movement is wrong. We need to change the system, not politicians.

Gullible Morons or Getting Militant?
Blair's government has, unsurprisingly, decided to allow GM crops to be grown. The only sensible thing to do is to oppose GM.

New Labour: Power Junkies
Blair's support for random drugs tests in schools shows that this should be done to his government. They are power junkies, seeking more and more power regardless of the costs.

Doing our job for us...
An article on how New Labour has confirmed the anarchist case against the state. What better advertisement for libertarian ideas can there be than Blair?

Something to really swear about!
A few comments on the insulting and illogical "oath" the Blairites want to make immigrants swear.

1 in 5
More 1 person in 5 are live in poverty in the UK. 1 in 5 workers have suffered a pay cut in the last 10 years. Strong unions stop this. Time to organise!

1 in 5 (longer version)
More of the same, plus more on social perspectives under new Labour and the self-defeating nature of "individualism"

Democracy in action!
On the hypocrisy of Blair lecturing Chinese students on democracy.

Paging Mr. Kettle...
Blair (killer of thousands of Iraqis) on the death of Saddam's sons (killers of thousands of Iraqis).

Labour Pains
On the 2003 Labour Conference, on Blair's "reverse gear" and what the alternative to Labour really is.

Something to really swear about!
A few comments on the insulting and illogical "oath" the Blairites want to make immigrants swear.

Even better than the real thing...
Britain under Blair has become even more unequal than under Thatcher. What a surprise!

Replies to Leninist attacks on anarchism

Letter to Socialist Resistance (2)
Replying to their reply on anarchism. Available as pdf file.

Red Emma and the Reds
A lengthy reply to an American Leninist and his lies and distortions about Emma Goldman's politics and life. For my daughter, Sophie Emma.

The irresistible correctness of anarchism
A lengthy review of the SWP's "The Resistible Rise of Benito Mussolini," exposing its distortions of history (particularly about anarchism during this period) and indicating the flaws in their anti-fascist front, the Anti-Nazi League.

A reply to Pat Stack's "Anarchy in the UK?"
A critique of one of the worse articles on anarchism ever. It was printed, in edited for, in Socialist Review.

A letter to Socialist Review
A reply to a reply to my letter on Stack's article. It was never published.

Supplement - The SWP's very peculiar 'Anarchism'
This is a supplement that was distributed with Workers Solidarity at Marxism in Dublin. It's based on a reply to an article on Anarchism published in Socialist Review by Pat Stack, also available as a PDF file

In Defence of the Truth
A critique of John Rees' "In Defence of October" and its account of the Makhnovists and Kronstadt. (Updated 12/Nov 2003)

Marxism and "Anarchism": A reply to the SWP
A lengthy critique of an SWP article on anarchism. Published in Freedom.

The SWP versus Anarchism
Here are a few quotes from Pat Stack's Socialist Review article "Anarchy in the UK?" which formed the basis of his talk at Marxism 2001. Ask yourself why the SWP leadership systematically lies about anarchism.

Letter to Weekly Worker (1)
On the differences between anarchism and Marxism, specifically on the question of centralism. They printed half of the letter.

Letter to Weekly Worker (2)
I resent the bit that was chopped, plus a new comment on Spain 1936 to do with the Popular Front. Not printed as made redundant by the next letter.

Letter to Weekly Worker (3)
More on the Russian Revolution and why its hows the theoretical and practical failure of Marxism. On the difference between from the bottom up and from the top down.

Letter to Weekly Worker (4)
Correcting Marxist distortions on anarchist opinions on trade unions, plus more on the Russian Revolution and how anarchists think the revolution will be defended. Printed, more or less, as it is here.

Letter to Weekly Worker (3)
More on the Russian Revolution and why its hows the theoretical and practical failure of Marxism. On the difference between from the bottom up and from the top down.

Letter to Weekly Worker (5)
Yet more on the Russian Revolution and whether paraphrasing Bakunin means breaking with "consistent anti-statism"

Letter to Weekly Worker (6)
Replying to disgraceful revising of history by a Marxist about the Makhnovists as well as clarifying why a free federation of workers' councils can never be a state.

Letter to Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism - Letter to Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism (short version)
A letter in reply to a disgraceful "review" of an anarchist pamphlet in the paper of the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG). Corrects many lies, including some against the Makhnovists.

A second letter to FRFI on the Makhnovists
Correcting why more Leninist lies about the Makhnovists, this time by the UK based RCG.

Fight Fibs! Fight Inventions!
A short article pointing out the lies of the UK based Revolutionary Communist Group and the fact they did not print my letter refuting them.

Letter to "Socialist Resistance"
A reply to another crap Marxist article on anarchism. Will these people ever read an anarchist book?

On Bolshevism:

The Bolshevik Revolution: A legacy better rejected
This year marked the 80th anniversary of the death of Lenin. Time to dump Leninism as a deeply flawed theory.

Marxism or Anarchism?
A talk given as part of a debate organised by the Trotskyist party "Alliance for Workers' Liberty." A basic introduction to why anarchism is better than Leninism.

Start or revolution

PDF file of State or Revolution

The State or Revolution
An anarchist answer to Lenin, written for Marxism 2003

Lenin, History's "Hidden Democrat," speaks!
Stright form the horses mouth

Anarcho-Quiz on the SWP
Test your knowledge

What is Anarchism?
There is an alternative to Leninism's state capitalism and party power. It is called anarchism, a socialism which places freedom and working class management of society at the core of its vision of struggle, revolution and socialism.

Another world is possible?
Under capitalism, 8 people make life and death decisions for millions. Under Bolshevism, 19 people made them

Lying for Leninism: An analysis of G. Zinoviev's letter to the I.W.W.
A lengthy discussion of how Zinoviev lied about conditions in Bolshevik Russia in order to win the IWW to Communism.

Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
A leaflet handed out at a Globalise Resistance conference showing the state capitalist nature of Bolshevism. Available in pdf format.

Anti cap leaflet

Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
A leaflet handed out at a Globalise Resistance conference showing the state capitalist nature of Bolshevism.

[Download the PDF file]


Democracy is undemocratic
An reply to Trotskyist assertions that self-management is "undemocratic," exposing the flaws in the arguments and the actual undemocratic nature of Trotskyism.

Anti capitalism or state capitalism

I Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
II Socialism or Statism?
III Does it matter?
VI For a real anti-capitalism!

An 8 pamphlet on the state capitalist and statist nature of Bolshevism which also explains the anarchist alternative

[Download the PDF file]


On the Socialist Workers Party:

Marxism 2004: The beginning of the end for the SWP?
A few thoughts after leafeting Marxism 2004. Is the SWP on the decline? Let's hope so!

Respect: The folly will continue
A quick analysis of Respect's by-election respects. Don't expect the SWP's shift to the right to end any time soon...

How the Revolution was Lost?
A critique of Chris Harman's "How the Revolution was Lost" showing the links between Leninism and the rise of Stalinism.

A Communist turned Comedian?
A critique of the SWP's analysis of the history of Germany's Green foreign minister Joschka Fischer.

On Marxism 2001:

Through the Looking Glass: Anarchist adventures at Marxism 2001
An account of my experiences at the SWP's Marxism 2001 conference

Dead Dogma Sketch (apologies to Monty Python)
A parody of Monty Python's "Dead Parrot Sketch" inspired by my experiences at Marxism 2001.

The Anarchist Alternative to Leninism
A spectre is haunting the left - the spectre of anarchism. All the powers of the old left have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre [PDF file of the Anarchist alternative to Leninism]

On the Scottish Socialist Party

Fawkes pas...
The irony of the Scottish Socialist Party's attempts to appropriate libertarian rhetoric in the run up to Guy Fawkes night.

Back to the Future
Short article on the 2003 Scottish elections and why the Scottish Socialist Party is just repeating past (socialist) mistakes.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
A lengthy review of "Imagine" by the Scottish Socialist Party leaders Tommy Sheridan and Alan McCombes

Anarchist movement

Anarchy or Chaos? [PDF version]
General introduction to Anarchism (written with a comrade). Originally done for Marxism 2004


Anarchy or Chaos

Draft SFA aims and principles, including preamble.
I was involved in drafting these Aims and Principles for an anarchist federation in Scotland in the early 1990s.

Anarchist Organisation and the Organisation of Anarchists
An article from the early 1990s on ideas how the Glasgow Anarchist Group should organise itself.

A reply to "Capitalist Praise For Anarcho-Syndicalism"
A critique of an "anarcho"-capitalist analysis of anarcho-syndicalism.

Italian Syndicalism and Fascism
Article refuting Bob Black's claims that the "Italian syndicalists mostly went over to Fascism." In fact, they fought fascism tooth and nail. Printed in Black Flag 217

Reply to Bob Black
Letter in reply to Black's comments on the article "Italian Syndicalism and Fascism." From Black Flag 219

A letter to Anarchy
A discussion of the flaws of Anarchy's magazine's recent issue attacking Platformism

Letter to Anarchy on 'post left' anarchism (2)
Reply to comments made in Anarchy magazine in response to my first letter.

Letter to Anarchy (1)
Replying to distortions by one of the then two editors of the UK's "Green Anarchist" magazine on the Scottish Anarchists. Then a discussion why the unabomber is not an anarchist and why "primitivism" is flawed. From 2000 (I think)

Letter to Anarchy (2)
Replying to the pretty crap responses of Bob Black and the editor of "Green Anarchist" to my first letter. Discussing the authoritarian and down-right sick ideas of "Green Anarchist." Again, from 2000.

Letter to Anarchy (3)
Replying to (the just as bad as the first one) response of Black and the (then) other editor of "Green Anarchist"). Indicating that even their attempts to distance themselves from their original ideas fails. Again, from 2000.

Letter to Freedom on class struggle (1)
Old letter on why class and class struggle are key ideas in anarchism.

Letter to Freedom on class struggle (2)
Another old letter on why class and class struggle are key ideas in anarchism.

Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (1)
An old letter from 1999 defending anarchist ideas about private property from attacks by a mutualist-anarchist (who later rejected anarchism to become an "anarcho"-capitalist)

Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (2)
More clarification from 1999 on the anarchist position on private property, showing that to call two different things as possession and private property the same name is a bad idea...

Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (3)
More from 1999. Correcting an obvious distortion of Proudhon's ideas by his mutualist "defender" as well as repeating the anarchist case against private property and for possession. And why anarchists should be (libertarian) communists.

Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (4)
Yet more from 1999. Refuting the claims that Proudhon wanted private property (as opposed to possession) in land. A discussion on resource use in communist-anarchism and why private property and anarchism do not go together.

Letter on why "property is despotism"
Another old letter to freedom on why "anarcho"-capitalist denial of "group issues" generates despotism, not freedom. Shows why capitalism and anarchism do not go together. Also shows that Somalia is hardly the capitalist system "anarcho"-capitalists like to say it is.

Letter on "Capitalist Acts" in anarchy
Yet another old letter to Freedom on why an anarchist society need not fear "capitalist acts" between people. Also on how capitalism bans "capitalist acts" between people every day, not to mention socialist acts, on private property. Plus how capitalism was, in fact, the product of state violence.


GM refused?
The end of GM in the UK? Perhaps. Or the end of any pretence of safety testing.

Letter on anti-GM article
Defending my anti-GM article against a reader of Freedom.

Another letter on GM crops
More on GM and why it is not like a machine and why the evidence suggests a rethink on it.

Final letter to Freedom on GM crops
Explaining (yet again) why there is no sound scientific reason to assume GM crops are safe.


Another Primitivism letter to Freedom
More on the contradictions of primitivism and its failure to discuss how to get to their utopia.

Technology, Capitalism and Anarchism
An anarchist analysis of technology.

Critique of Green and Black Bulletin no. 1
Letter to Freedom critiquing the first primitivist blulletin published in its papers. Discusses why primitivism is silly.

Critique of Green and Black Bulletin no. 2
Letter to Freedom replying to a primitivist article on why "mass society" must be destroyed. Exposing its contradictions as well as its impracticality.

Wildfire reply (sent)
Reply to the primitivist Wildfire collective's letters on my critiques of their Bulletins. Concentrates on the 9key issues why primitivism is pants. Sent to Freedom.

Wildfire reply (Unsent)
Long reply to the primitivist Wildfire collective's letters on my critiques of their Bulletins. Not sent as replying in kind to their insults hide the real issues.

Letter to Freedom on the last Wildfire Bulletin
A few comments on the last ever Wildfire Bulletin. On the poverty of primitivism.


Beating about the Bush
On the lies, smears and distortions of the Republican National Convention in New York. How imperialism abroad is distracting from class at home. Bush as "girlie-man" and the Republican love of the leader principle.

You vote, they rule...
How the Indian election proves anarchist theory on how capital controls the state, not the population.

Don't Vote, Organise!
A lengthy discussion of why anarchists argue for direct action, not electioneering. Don't Vote - Organise is a PDF pamphlet based on this text

Making history or just repeating it?
A plea for Marxists to stop repeating the mistakes of history and for them to reject parliamentarianism. The alternative is community and workplace organisation and struggle.

Lula's "Tropical Blairism" in Brazil
On Lula's continual right-wing fall into opportunism. Anarchism vindicated yet again.

Nevermind the Ballots!
Short anti-election leaflet from 1997. New Labour got in and proved it right!


Ronald Reagan: Dead at Last!
On the political Alzheimer's which accompanied the death of Reagan. His real legacy exposed.

One step forward...
The Law Lords said that a gay couple has the same legal rights as a married couple due to the Human Rights Act. Yet heterosexual couples who reject marriage as an institution still have unequal rights.

One people! One planet! One struggle!
Text of an anti-fascist leaflet handed out in Glasgow

From the mouths of morons
A short discussion of the stupidity of Bush's attempt to blame African hunger on European opposition to GMOs.

Nice weather, shame about the demo
A report from the "offical" (trade union) 2003 May Day march.

Politics and Industrial Relations in the Media: A Guide for the Perplexed
A dictionary to help understand media bullshit. Inspired by the current firefighters strike in Britain.

Making history or just repeating it?
A leaflet discussing why socialism and electioneering do not go together. Available in pdf format and in four parts:

  1. Making history or just repeating it?
  2. Socialism or Social Democracy?
  3. Ideas to change the world or just the bosses?
  4. For a socialism that liberates!

PDF file of Making history or just repeating it?

Anarchism and elections in Britain

Health, Wealth and Inequality
An article on inequality in the UK and the effects of inequality on health.

Blast from the Past, and Back to the Future
Overview of the claims of right-wing guru Hayek on unions and the reality of Thatcherism



Another World is Possible: Anarchist Alternatives to capitalism
Talk given at Scottish Anarchist Federation day school on November 9th, 2002

Anarchism and Freedom
Talk given at the Irish Workers Solidarity Movement 2001 day school "Ideas and Action"

Anarchism and Marxism
Full version of a talk given the Scottish Anarchist Federation day school on November 9th, 2002 on the real differences between Anarchism and mainstream Marxism.



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