The neo-liberal agenda:

GEAR versus the working class

Underlying the government's drive to privatise is the neo-liberal GEAR programme. This is a macro-economic policy adopted by the government in mid-1996. GEAR argues that the capitalist class is the engine of reconstruction and development in South Africa. As such, GEAR sets out a list of government policies that are designed to put a smile on the face of big business.

The key GEAR policies include

Government's idea is that these policies create "an attractive investor climate," leading to large-scale investment by local and international companies, which will create jobs, growth and tax money for social services.

GEAR has proved to be a disaster for the broad working class

GEAR offers the working class nothing. GEAR lies behind the privatisation crisis. And behind GEAR stand the rich, the owners of the big companies, the real rulers of our country.

This article is from Zabalaza Magazine, no 1 published in April 2001

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