Anarchist Revolutionary Movement
- Unrest from South Africa

The Anarchist Revolutionary Movement was one of the anarchist groups that subsequently formed the Workers Solidarity Federation. This page is an archive of some of the articles they published


Editorial from Unrest no. 1

A central aim of this magazine is to spread the ideas of revolutionary Anarchism, injecting a highly needed revolutionary perspective into the current period in South Africa.

Anarchism in Nigeria

Prisoners from Nigeria's Awareness League (AL)- Udemba Chuks, Garba Adu, Kingsley Etioni, and James Ndubuisi- won some reprieve January 29th when they were unconditionally released on bail

Lessons of the Zimbabwe Liberation War

THE VICTORY OF a seemingly militant ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) in Zimbabwe's 1980 independence elections, following a long guerrilla war (the Chimurenga") against White colonialism, was greeted with jubilation

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