Revolt - a South African anarchist paper from 1992

A short lived South African anarchist paper - see the African anarchism index for more

SA Police: to serve and protect ... to torture and kill

The South African police continue to assault, torture and kill people in custody. The brutal death of Simon Mthimkulu in July [1992] in one example amongst many.

The Violence: The State's Bloody Hands

More people are dying in Apartheid's fall than at its height. The cause of the violence is not "tribalism" but a destabilisation campaign by the State and its Inkatha ally. The solution is not, however, a new government...

1992: New World Order in Africa

The New World Order is on our doorstep with the US imperialists setting themselves up in Botswana and Zambia. Washington, following the end of the Cold War, is placing renewed emphasis on projecting itself into Third World "flashpoints."

How Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks were held off by an anarchist Ukraine

During the uprisings and reaction that followed the October Revolution, the fertile earth of the Southern Ukraine was trampled under the boots of at least four advancing and retreating armies.

The Rio farce

The Rio Earth Summit was dominated by the very people responsible for the global ecological crisis in the first place. Solutions were not, cannot, and never will be, found by such groups. Grass roots action is the only answer.


Society is divided into classes based on wealth and power. The ruling class, who are generally supported by the "middle classes", and the working class. Such a society is the cause of all the problems experienced by working class people the whole world over. This can only be solved by the destruction of the ruling class by the working class ... this is class war.

Real change can only come through working class people organising themselves to deal with the problems they experience, using direct action against the individuals and institutions responsible for them ... there is no alternative. Violence is a necessary part of the class war, but only as mass class violence not elitist terrorist actions. The law is merely a weapon of the ruling class and must be broken when the need arises.

The ruling class divides us by getting us to fight each other on the basis of stupid things like race, sex, sexual preference or age. We will destroy these barriers.


1. A permanent end to the State

2. An end to capitalism

3. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist and believe in direct democracy

4. We believe in ecology

5. No vanguard party

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