A Long Struggle

South African anarchist & revolutionary syndicalist history

The Revolutionary Syndicalist history of South Africa
"Fight for Africa, which you deserve" - Written for the Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin (Britain) 2001
The Industrial Workers of Africa in South Africa, 1917-1921. A historical look at early revolutionary syndicalist unions in South Africa.

We are building up a union - Old Poem of the I.C.U.
We are building up a union,
With which we hope to save the land
I.C.U. are its initials,
In its ranks we take our stand.

Manifesto of the Industrial Socialist League - The Bolshevik, Cape Town, February 1920
The interests of the Working Class and of the Employing Class are diametrically opposed.

Pamphlet of The Industrial Workers of Africa - Johannesberg, 1918
Friend are you not a worker?
Is it not true that we Black People do every work in the country?
If so why do you not become a member of the Industrial Workers of Africa?

Revolutionary Syndicalism and Anti-Racism in South Africa: - Between racial capitalism and revolutionary socialism:
Lucien van der Walt, Bikisha Media Collective, Johannesberg 2001
Paper presented at: The Burden of race? "Whiteness" And "Blackness" in modern South Africa History Workshop and Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg - 5 July to 8 July 2001
A well researched and detailed study highlighting the much distorted history of Revolutionary Syndicalism in South Africa in the 1920's

South African anarchists on Anarchist & Revolutionary Syndicalist History
Origins of Mayday - Workers Solidarity Magazine, 2nd quarter 1997
The origins of May Day lie in the struggles of the Anarcho-syndicalist movement. This fact is conveniently hidden by the history books.

Anarcho-syndicalist History: Anti-Imperialist Struggles - Workers Solidarity Magazine, 1st quarter 1997

A New World In Their Hearts - Workers Solidarity Magazine, 3rd quarter 1996
The 19th of July marked the 60th Anniversary of the Spanish Revolution. For a brief time, capitalism and the State was replaced by solidarity, mutual aid, and respect for others

History of the Anarchist-Syndicalist trade Union Movement - Workers Solidarity Magazine, 3rd quarter 1996

Kronstadt 1921: The Third Revolution - Workers Solidarity Magazine, 3rd quarter 1996

Errico Malatesta - Freedom Magazine, Durban wsf
Born in 1853, into a growing mood of republicanism, Malatesta soon saw the need for a more profound change in society, and in 1871,joined the Italian section of the International.

How Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks were held off by an anarchist Ukraine - Revolt Magazine 1992
During the uprisings and reaction that followed the October Revolution, the fertile earth of the Southern Ukraine was trampled under the boots of at least four advancing and retreating armies.

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