Freedom magazine

Freedom: through anarchist resistance - in the home, in the workplace, in the world

A South African anarchist magzine that was one of the groups that formed the Workers Soldarity Federation. This is an archive of some articles from it.

Editorial (Issue 1)

Freedom is our tool for bringing the Anarchist idea to the workers and poor but it is also yours, to contribute to, if you wish

Marxism, Freedom and the State - A Review

Marx and Bakunin were both members of "The International", but how far apart do they stand?

So what is "CLASS" anyway?

For those people who don't understand what we mean by "class", and for those who have been misled by people who want you to think that they are on your side, to get you to trust and follow them, we give this basic outline of what we mean by "class".

Open letter to all soldiers

Based on a leaflet by Tom Mann, first published in The Syndicalist, 1912, for which he was imprisoned for six months.


Why the Black flag?

The black flag is the symbol of anarchism. It evokes reactions ranging from horror to delight. Find out what it means and prepare to see it at more and more public gatherings.

Errico Malatesta

Born in 1853, into a growing mood of republicanism, Malatesta soon saw the need for a more profound change in society, and in 1871, joined the Italian section of the International.

Introduction to issue two

Freedom is an irregularly published journal produced by the Land & Liberty group. Land & Liberty is a Durban cell of the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF)

 Sisters and brothers

We offer you hope, we your friends, in our just anger. Join with us in the rediscovery of our humanity, and the joy of living.

 Ubuhlobo Obunobudlel wane phakathi kwabantu

Sikholelwa ukuthi inkululeko yomuntu ibalulekile ngaphambi kokuba sibe nokuthula.

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