North African Anarchism

Anarchism & revolutionary syndicalism in East Africa

Anarchist movements and ideas have recently started to appear, for perhaps the first time ever in East Africa. In 2000, anarchists in the West first heard of the "Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces", or UADF, an armed group based in Western Uganda, which has launched numerous attacks against the military government. The first announcements of a sub-delegate of this group, were generally treated with skepticism by Western anarchists, and indeed many questions remain about anarchism in Uganda and its links to the ADF. However, more recently Ugandan anarchists have distributed several mails on the Internet which make it quite clear that they are genuine, although their links to the armed groups remain very unclear.

Elsewhere in East Africa, there are other encouraging developments. In Kenya, the radical student movements which have opposed the dictatorship of president Moi, one of the worlds great thieves, have purportedly developed an interest in anarchist ideas, and there are several Kenyans on the anarchy_africa mailing list. The South African WSF established contact with anarchists in Tanzania.

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Uganda - UADF

In early September 2000 a post was sent to ainfos claiming credit for an armed attack by anarchists on a police station in Uganda. Subsequent posts and replies showed this story was more complex then initially suggested. Below we archive the original posts and replies.


Kenya: the resistance grows

    In October 1997, striking Kenyan teachers won their wage demands. 1997 has also been a key year for the struggle against Kenya's billionaire dictator, Daniel Arap Moi. From Workers Solidarity Magazine - Winter 1997

Kenyan anarchist literature project

    US anarchist prisoner Christopher Plummer and the Claustrophobia Collective have set up a project to send anarchist and revolutionary literature to Kenya.


Is the instability of Somalia due to the weakness of the state?

    An Irish anarchist analyses the "stateless chaos" of Somalia and delves into the real reason for the woes of Somalia and Africa

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